What’s To Come After Finishing University

The past two years have flown by and if I’m honest it’s a little scary. If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram you’ll know I have been at university studying a HND. I have been aiming for this moment for the last 24 months and now it’s here I have been feeling very overwhelmed and unprepared.

My end of year show piece based on the theme Sweets, I chose ice cream

The course I have now completed is Media Makeup, which means I have the skills and knowledge to work in TV, film, theatre, photographic and many other styles of makeup and hair. It has been a long time coming and when I was between 16-20 I was in an awful time of my life. I don’t have any A Levels and I never thought I’d get to go to university or do a university course. So even getting onto this course with my NVQ’s was a huge achievement.

When I first started the course I was really unsure as it turned my life upside down. I left my full time job and got a part time one in a shop. It was a huge change and I was doubting if I had made the right choice. Everyone around me was so supportive and persuaded me to persevere.

I have gained so many new skills through the last two years and have learnt so much. Not just about something I am passionate about, but also myself. I have learnt how to balance 4 different units, working, having social life and time for myself. I have learnt so much about myself, mainly that no matter what I can do anything I want to achieve. I have done far better than I ever expected to on this course and I am so happy with the work I have produced. It has really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Now that I have finished I really want to take some more beauty courses such as LVLs, lash extensions, facials and brows. However I don’t have the space in my house to have clients, but I don’t have the client base yet to work in a salon and be able to afford the rent etc. So it is a bit of a double edges sword and I have to be realistic with what I can achieve. I could be a mobile beautician, which I already am for makeup clients. But it’s ensuring the clients have the space and adequate lighting for the treatments. I have a lot to think about, as well as starting a new job in the summer.

But who knows what the future holds and where I’ll be in a years time, or even in 6 months. For now I am happy getting out of an industry I was unhappy in and to be qualified in something I adore.

Thank you so much for reading! What is something you hope to achieve by the end of the year? Mine is to get out of my comfort zone more and say yes to new opportunities that come my way!


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P.S – The pictures in this post are from my end of year show!


3 thoughts on “What’s To Come After Finishing University

  1. aannabel says:

    I am also a makeup artist, and I completely understand not knowing what the future holds. It’s hard to have a stable loyal client list and it’s hard to get into salons or stores

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  2. aaditi says:

    I’m also going into university in September, although I’m not doing a makeup course, I was wondering if you could give me any pointers on starting uni

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