Becoming Minimalist

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well! After doing my makeup declutter I made a beauty inventory and calculated how much it’s all worth.. and it was slightly more than I predicted. It got me thinking of how much I have and what I actually use on a daily basis.

After sorting out my makeup I then moved onto my clothes and shoes. When it comes to clothes and shoes I typically only buy a few key pieces each season and keep them in my collection. I have really been ruthless and got rid of pieces that I hoard for those just in case moments that never actually come around.

Being someone who adores makeup I find it super easy to accumulate quite a few products and end up just using the same ones regardless daily. It struck me that I was wasting my money as well as the products. So over the past few months I have been making a conscious effort to buy less makeup. Which initially wasn’t easy as there were deals and offers out, which usually I would take advantage of and buy things I don’t always need at that time.

I have also been taking into consideration consumerism as there have been a few documentaries on the BBC about how much plastic is used and the impact fast fashion has on the environment. So when I’m out shopping I have started to invest more in key pieces in my wardrobe I know I’ll love and get a lot of use out of as the years go on. When it comes to makeup I am also thinking more about if I’m buying it because the reviews have been good/the product interests me or if I’m more adding it to my basket because I want to review it. So for wardrobe pieces I am trying a new rule of one in one out. Which so far is working as I am getting rid of pieces I don’t reach for and replacing them with pieces I have fallen in love with.


When getting rid of clothes I always take out all the clothes I no longer want and store them under my bed for a few weeks. If I haven’t reached for them when they’re out of sight I know I can live without them in my wardrobe!

After a few weeks I found I was no longer fazed by the deals and offers on in shops. I have perused the isles of Boots, but never really picked anything up other than products I needed when they have run out. I have become a lot more critical of what I am buying, using the rule one in one out. And it’s actually working. Not only am I on the way to having a more minimal (ish) collection but I also have more money in my bank at the end of the month! So it’s a win win! Obviously I’ll treat myself every now and then but I really look into what I’m buying rather than buying spontaneously.

Overall my room has definitely had its major declutter. I don’t know about you but I love having a clean and tidy room, it really makes me feel like my brain is clearer too. Plus by not spending willy nilly my bank balance is definitely thanking me!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!


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9 thoughts on “Becoming Minimalist

  1. Sophie Samantha says:

    Loved reading your post! Weirdly, I posted today writing about my tidy room and the lack of clutter. It’s an interesting topic and I love regularly going through my stuff, deciding if I still need it and generally just being more conscious about what I buy!

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  2. Jessica Anna says:

    I’ve been tempted to do a declutter for the last few weeks, and now you’ve really inspired me to! I always do that technique of putting clothes to the side when I’m thinking of getting rid of them, and if I haven’t touched them in a few weeks I obviously don’t really want them that much. I find it works really well!

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  3. entermyworldweb says:

    This is a great post! I have definitely been thinking a lot more about the environment and have been trying to do my research! But also it has become easier for me like you said to go into shops and not feel the need to pick loads of things up haha! 😊 xx

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