Thoughts on Being a Blogger

I really have no idea what to call this post. Recently I took an unexpected break from blogging, which I haven’t done in a really long time. I have been writing posts ahead of time so when I am busy with uni, working and life in general I still have content to publish. Meaning I have one less thing to think about as I know I have content ready to go during the few months of my university course.

But over the last month or so I have been feeling unhappy with my blog and the content. Not that I’m unhappy with the posts I have been publishing because I 100% am happy with them, but more that I’m posting things sometimes I think you will enjoy rather than things I enjoy. Things that I think go with the ‘theme’ of my blog.

It doesn’t help that I have been feeling like I’m not a great blogger. I don’t feel excited to publish a post like I used to. I schedule posts every week and tick it off my to do list and move on. I feel pressured to keep posting and keep putting out content to stay relevant and for you to enjoy the content I publish. I feel like with blogging, I struggle to think of new content now and things other than reviews, hauls and writing about some of the things I get up to.

I also feel like the blogging world has changed over the last 3 years I have been blogging. I have gone from a wider audience to a smaller one, which is a bit deflating at times. I’m not sure if this is just down to my blog, or that they aren’t as popular as they used to be. I’ve seen so many bloggers leave their blogs to take their online presence solely to instagram or youtube. Which is their choice, but does make me wonder about where the blogging world is going.

I’m not sure where my blog will end up or what I want to do content wise. Blogging has been such a huge part of my life for the last 3 years, no matter what changes there have been my blog has always been something I can turn to and escape into my slice of the internet.

Those are just a few of the thoughts I’ve been having and as I will be finishing university in a few weeks my future has been something that has been on my mind. Thank you for reading my rambles, I didn’t have any pictures that would really be relevant so hoped you liked my one from Brighton earlier in the year!


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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being a Blogger

  1. cjspirit says:

    Love that you posted this, and I totally agree. I feel like not a lot of people take the time to read blogs anymore which can be really disheartening. I write a blog as well, but have taken a break to focus on high school and I’ve noticed as well that it seems like people find reading/blogging to be sort of a waste of time when things like YouTube or Insta exist. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts and blogs in general, but of course if you feel you need to continue your break from writing for time to yourself it’s totally understandable. Do what makes you happy 🙂

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  2. Monch Weller says:

    Today’s visual generation avoids text altogether, but don’t be discouraged. Focus on quality, take your sweet time to write, and don’t be tempted to join the rat race of followers and numbers.

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  3. Mohmy says:

    Well I’m new to blogging and I’m loving it. I read articles too . So don’t worry about others. Reading can never get old. Though insta and youtube would be fun for some. Most people prefer reading the article 😊

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