Paris Travel Diary | Day 1 & 2

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen at the beginning of the month I went to Paris! I went for 4 days but only had two days in the city as the other two were travelling! So let’s get into my first and second day in the city of love!

The reason for going to Paris was for a makeup seminar by Makeup Forever, my university had organised the trip. On Tuesday 5th March we made our way by coach to London before getting the Eurostar at Kings Cross station. From there we got the Eurostar to the Guard de Nord station. We then had to get two metro trains to Disney. This seemed to take forever as it was 5pm-ish when we got into France and so the trains were busy and everyone just wanted to get to the hotel!

We stayed at the Kyraid hotel, which is outside of the Disney parks. So we had to get the shuttle bus from Disney to the hotel, which luckily was only a 5 minute journey. We got to the hotel around 7.30/8pm. My friends and I decided to stay at the hotel for dinner as we were so hungry and tired from all the travel. However, the buffet selection at the hotel was pretty pants and it didn’t taste great either. So we definitely weren’t doing that again!

Once we had eaten, we decided to get the shuttle bus to Disney and explore. I haven’t been to Disney in a really long time, so seeing all the shops and restaurants again brought back so many childhood memories! We wandered around the shops and I bought a few things in the World of Disney before we headed back to the hotel!

Day 2

Wednesday was our day in Disney! We got up early to get ready for the day ahead, and got on the shuttle bus just before 9. Even though the park opens at 10am to the general public, they let everyone in around 9.30! We all took a group photo outside the castle before going on Hyperspace Mountain. I have never been on Hyperspace Mountain, and it’s based on Starwars. The animations are so cool as you go around but it’s definitely not for those who don’t like rollercoasters! I enjoyed it but once is enough for me!

We then all spilt off to do our own thing. We decided to headed towards the Buzz Lightyear ride as it was close to Hyperspace Mountain, which we queued for around 20 minutes before going on the ride. I love the Buzz Lightyear ride, it’s so fun and when the photo was taken I had my concentrating face on, which isn’t the most flattering! After Buzz Lightyear we headed to the Studios park, as I really wanted to go on Crush’s Coaster. However, it was just my luck that it had broken down! So instead we went on the Magic Carpet Ride and then the Slinky ride. We had to walk past Crush’s Coaster on the way back and they had re-opened the ride! Even though there was a 75 minute wait, we queued and got on the ride in an hour! I LOVED Crush’s Coaster, it was so worth the wait and I can see why people say this ride is so good. The animations, the ride and it’s just so fun in general! Highly recommend this ride if you’re ever in Disney!

After all the rides we decided to get some lunch before exploring more of the park. As we only had one day in Disney we did all the rides in the morning before using the afternoon to explore the parks and the shops. Which worked in our favour as it started to rain after lunch and didn’t stop for the rest of the day!

After walking around the shops, exploring in the castle and taking lots of photos we were knackered. At 4.30pm people had started to gather around the curb for the parade, so we decided to find a spot ready! Just after 5pm the parade started and it was so cool to see the characters and the performance. The makeup and costumes that go into making the parade are insane! They must have a huge costume wardrobe! After we sat down for a little while whilst we waited for the castle illuminations. We were knackered!

However it soon got to 7pm and we found a spot not too far from the castle. We thought it started at 7pm, however it didn’t start until 7.30! So we waited in the light rain and soon enough it started! I filmed most of the illuminations. I was trying not to watch through my phone and rather watch it in real life. So making sure I held my phone in the right place whilst watching the castle was a challenge, especially since my hands felt like they’d fallen off! But the illuminations were amazing, they were incredible and made it all worth it!

After the illuminations we raced through the crowd to Annettes Diner, where we only waited around 15/20 minutes before being seated! When I went to Disney as a child, we always went to Annette’s Diner and I was looking forward to going there. We all had a burger and I chose a strawberry milkshake, it was so delicious and just what was needed after our busy day!

My milkshake at Annettes Diner!

I loved our day in Disney, the long day of travelling had been worth it to have such a fun day with my friends! The next day we were going to the seminar by Makeup Forever, the whole reason for this trip. We weren’t sure what to expect, after the seminar we had some free time in Paris and had planned a few places we wanted to go! I’ll post day 3 and 4 next Thursday, so keep an eye our for it (or follow my blog and you’ll get a notification!)

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed reading about my day in Disney as well as the day of travelling. Until next time,


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