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This was our last full day in the city, Day One and Day Two seemed to go by so quickly! We had planned to go the Museum Square to visit Van Gogh museum and do Anne Frank. However, as we ate breakfast and looked for the prices, we realised you had to book before going. You couldn’t just rock up.

Unfortunately for us the Anne Frank museum was fully booked and Van Gogh only had late evening. So we decided to just do the bus and boat tour, have more of a chill day as the day before we’d walked and done so much! We headed out to do the bus tour first, and I’ll be honest I didn’t really enjoy the bus tour. The earphones weren’t comfy and whilst it’s a pretty city I just didn’t enjoy the tour. It only lasts for around 30 minutes, after we decided to wander around the city before getting the 2.5 hour boat tour. We had lunch at Bake My Day, which did delicious sandwiches and it was probably my favourite place we went to eat!

My waffle, Nutella and strawberries deliciousness at Del Gelato

After as we wandered back to the boat tour, we decided to get another waffle, we’d had one the day before but it was a bit of a let down. The bakery had a high rating online, but the waffle was so thin. We went to Del Gelato, and this was so much nicer! It was big and fluffy, you could tell it was fresher than the other one. I chose to have Nutella and strawberries and it was so delicious! I felt so full after, but it was one of the yummiest things we ate!

We then made our way to the boat tour, where we decided to get off at the first stop, A’dam lookout. At the top of the lookout the view was cloudy but so cool. They had interactive boards where you could view the city in present day or hundreds of years ago. Popular places to visit would pop up as you moved the board over the city.

At the top of the lookout it was very windy and cold, but it was so cool to see all around Amsterdam. We spent about an hour there before heading back to wait for the boat, which we badly timed as there’s a boat every 25 minutes and we had just missed a boat. So we wandered around and of course I made the most of this time by getting a few photos snapped looking out over the canal!

We then went on the rest of the boat tour, it was so calming to watch the city go by on the canal. I really liked the canal tour, even though the earphones were annoying, but as they said similar things to the bus I just took them out and watched the world go by.

Amsterdam at night

We got off at the second to last stop, by Dam Square and wandered back through the streets. There was a lot of walking and we were knackered, but we made the most of it as we would be going home the next day. We had dinner at a Steak and Pizza restaurant before continuing to wander through the canals.

Overall I really enjoyed my lil Amsterdam break. Whilst it’s not a city I’m desperate to go back to, I would definitely go back in a few years time to do the museums and experience Amsterdam again. By the end of the trip we had done almost 60 thousand steps and we were exhausted, but it was so worth it! The city has so much to offer and there is definitely something to do for everyone.

I definitely recommend going, even if you’re not going for the stronger substances (which I didn’t do!) there is so much more to this city. I’d go back to Amsterdam, but maybe in a few years in the spring and visit the museums and ice bar. Wandering along the canals is a great way to soak up the culture and it was definitely a welcome break from everyday life!

Last view of the canals as we made our way to the station

Thank you so much for reading my Amsterdam travel diaries, I have loved going somewhere so different from anywhere I’ve ever been. Although next time I would be a lot more prepared and book things more in advance! Do you have any places you loved visiting? If so please let me know in the comments below, I love adding things to my list of places to visit!


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