My 2019: January & February

So I’ve already slightly failed at a goal I wanted to do for my blog, writing about what I got up to each month. January and February have been super busy for me with uni work, holidays and life in general. So without any more waffling here’s what happened in January and February!


I started this month by prepping blog posts as I knew the last 6 months of uni would be mental like last year and I really didn’t want to compromise my blog also like I did last year. I know uni is important but I want to keep up the consistency so by preparing blog posts/ideas it really helps when I get a spare afternoon to be even more productive!

I also got invited to be a Topshop brand ambassador!! This is the most exciting collaboration and I am so so happy to be part of their team! Who knows where it might take me – don’t forget you can shop all Topshop goodies here! 

Exploring towns near me

I also explored more of the towns I live near, having waffles for the lunch for the first time (I am obsessed now with waffles, thinking about them makes me want one)! I also went to Brighton for the day, which you can read about what I got up to here! I adore Brighton and each time seem to see more and more of the city!

I had a few hand-ins for uni towards the end of the month and so after handing them in I had a weekend free to create makeup looks and basically not think about uni! I also went to Bristol for the day to pick up some holiday clothes as I booked to go to Amsterdam with a friend in February as a birthday treat to myself!

Exploring Brighton mid January


My birthday month! Kicking off February with my birthday, which I spent in Bristol with my family and we had a lush day! You can see what I got for my birthday here! I bought myself a few treats but mainly wanted to save ready for my holiday! It also snowed this month, which our kitten Max was fascinated by as he’d never seen snow before!

I also had my wisdom tooth take out a few days before my holiday, which was kind of lucky as it meant the surgery wouldn’t impact any upcoming assessments or the holiday. I’m so glad my last wisdom tooth is out because the experience was horrible! The other times I’ve had wisdom teeth taken out has been fine, but this time going to the hospital I could feel everything they did, even with anaesthetic. I ended up having extra anaesthetic to try to calm me down, so I took time off work to fully recover. Which turned out to be a good thing as I got on top of uni work, meaning when I got back from Amsterdam I wouldn’t be drowned in uni work!

I had an amazing time in Amsterdam, it was so different to anywhere I’ve ever been. I loved strolling through the city and seeing what it had to offer. I’ve already posted about my first day there, which you can check out here. I’ll be posting the second day later in the week and the third day next week!

So that was January and February summed up. I love reading these types of posts and so it made sense to write my own too! Thank you so much for reading, I’m not sure if I’ll do these every month or every other month – let me know in the comments below how often you’d like to read monthly updates!


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