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This year for my birthday rather than buy myself loads of goodies, which you can see the few things I did treat myself to in my Birthday Haul. I decided to buy myself a holiday to Amsterdam!

I’ve never been to Amsterdam before and me and a friend booked for 4 days, 3 nights in the city. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in the city centre as it saved us having to get the tram all the time to get too and from the city centre and the hotel. It was a little bit more expensive to stay in the centre, but it was worth it in my opinion.

The view we were greeted with after leaving the station

The first day we spent mainly travelling to Amsterdam. Our flight was at Bristol airport at 1.40pm. As I haven’t flew for a very long time, I was quite nervous in the waiting room before boarding the plane, as well as before take off. But once in the air I was completely fine, my ears kept popping throughout the hours flight. But it felt like as soon as you were at maximum height you were descending again.

The sun setting over the city

Going through the security in Amsterdam was pretty busy, many people had arrived in Amsterdam and so we had to wait 10-15 minutes to get through security before getting our luggage and getting on a train to the city centre. This was all pretty straightforward and we found the right station really easily.

Once in the city centre, we walked out and were immediately greeted with the canals and huge buildings. We went straight to the hotel to drop our bags off before going back out to the city and explore our new surroundings. We wandered through the streets, it was very busy and the streets aren’t very wide so made me feel a little squashed with all the people. There were also so many shops everywhere you looked from restaurants, bakeries and pubs to shops that sold something a little stronger. There was definitely a restaurant that catered for everyone!

The sun setting over Amsterdam

We chose to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner that we had past as we explored the city called Piccolo Mondo. The staff looked very bored, but the food was delicious! Just what we needed after a long day of travelling! After dinner we explored more of the city and got our bearings more where everything was. We were super tired, and went back to our hotel around 9 to chill out. The TV in the room only had Dutch speaking channels, so it was a good job we had an iPad to pop Netflix on!

Overall the first taste of Amsterdam was very bittersweet. I had been so looking forward to going, yet being in bustling streets and feeling very overwhelmed, I was unsure how the rest of the trip would go! I’ll post Day Two next week! Have you been to Amsterdam, if so what did you think of it? Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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