Trying More from TopShop Beauty!

Hello everyone, recently I picked up some more goodies from Topshop as part of being a brand ambassador! This is my second order of beauty from the Topshop range, you can see what I tried first from the range here! I was so impressed with the first few products I tried I was really looking forward to trying some more! There are so many things to try from the range I really had to narrow it down to a handful of items! All Topshop beauty is cruelty free and ranges from £5-£16, which is a bargain!

All the goodies I picked up from Topshop

Long Wear Pen Eyeliner in Aced this was one of the first things I knew I wanted to try. I love eyeliner pens, they are my favourite eyeliner products to use. For £10 this has a dry, matte formula which drags on the skin. It was really easy to do a wing other than having to pull the skin around the eyes taught so it wouldn’t skip along the skin. It will rub off if you rub your eyes but other than that I think it’s a pretty good eyeliner!

Chameleon Lip Gloss in Epaulette – I couldn’t resist picking up another lip gloss, I love Charm School and so wanted to try another shade from the range. For £12 this is a rose gold is really pretty on top of orangey nudes. It’s not sticky and just adds shimmer to a nude! Whilst it is fairly sparkly, on a sunny spring/summer’s day it’ll look gorgeous in the sunshine!

Shimmer Powder Blush in Live a Little – I don’t often wear blush but when I do I love a peachy or pink toned blush. This has a beautiful gold shimmer running through it and for £10 it is really pigmented. The gold shimmer in the pan transfers onto the cheeks and gives a pretty sheen to the blush.

Ultra-Matte Lip Crayon in Louder – I knew I wanted to try another product and it has been so long since I’ve tried a lip crayon. For £10 this is a vibrant red! Whilst it applied creamy it left a matte finish, I noticed it wasn’t an opaque red. I tried applying the product again but it didn’t make the shade any less fuller. Overall I don’t think I’d purchase this product again, whilst it’s vibrant the shade isn’t opaque enough for me.

Those are all the things I got this time from Topshop, you can shop Topshop beauty here. I am looking forward to trying more from Topshop, have you tried anything from Topshop’s beauty range? Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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