Tips for Staying Organised

Or as organised as I can! Balancing university, a part time job, blogging, Instagram, a social life and time for myself is probably the best balancing act I’ll do for a while! Over the last 18 months of university, other than learning about my course, it’s really taught me how to prioritise my time and use it more effectively. Especially having a 20+ hour job alongside, at times I can safely say I don’t recommend working so many hours!

Writing a list
I am and always have been a list writer. I find that I often forget to do something when I get busy doing something else. So by writing everything down it really helps. I have separate notebooks for uni work, general and blogging things. This really helps me keep a clear mind when I’m focusing on what tasks I want to achieve in each area. For university work I find that when I have deadlines coming up I like to number each point in order of priority, this helps with clearer goals, getting tasks done more effectively and staying more organised.

Time Management
In the past I definitely burnt the candles at both ends, getting up for work early and staying up late to do uni work. That wasn’t the way to do it for me, I found when I got tired I started to make silly mistakes therefore creating more work for myself in the long run. So instead I would stop at a certain time each night so I could wind down and feel more relaxed before bed.
When it comes to keeping up with social activities I sometimes felt not guilty that I would go out instead of doing uni work as I wanted to keep achieving high grades. Which is an unhealthy mindset. I’ve learnt it’s okay to take time off from uni, the work will still get done whilst maintaining my grades. I try to keep uni work to the week and social/me time for the weekends. Which so far is working as I don’t feel stressed or tired as I had in my first year of uni.

Tidy workspaces
I was definitely guilty of having a messy work area in my first year. I kept everything out all the time so it was easier to get back into the work. However as I constantly saw all the work I didn’t feel like I had taken a break from it as every time I saw it I would be thinking about what work to do next or about the projects. So now every time I finish working I pack everything away in a storage box I have to keep all the work in. That way I’m not constantly reminded of things I need to do or thinking about the projects.
This also goes for blogging and my room. I like to keep a tidy room so I don’t feel cluttered or distracted by the mess. All my blogging things are kept together under my desk.

Listen to yourself
We all know when we’ve had enough of something, whether it be uni work, blogging or even being out socially. I find when I’m not in the mood for something I’m not being productive and it’s essentially wasting time I could be doing something more useful.
Again I feel guilty for not doing uni work sometimes when I know I have a few things to be ticked off the list, but forcing yourself to do something isn’t going to end well. For me I can end up spending longer on the task than necessary than if I do it when I have a different mind set.

Take breaks
This ties in with the previous point. We all need a break at some point, whether it be work, socialising, uni, blogging or anything. It’s healthy to and good for us to have breathing space so if we chose to we can go back with a fresh mind set ready to start again.
I love to have days out, whether it be somewhere new or somewhere I’ve been before. Taking time to do something you enjoy can be a welcome break. It could be to go to the cinema, crazy golf or a movie night at home whatever takes your fancy!

Treat yourself
Probably the most important point here. Whenever I finish my to do list or hand in my submissions I always like to treat myself. Whether it be something like finally binge watching a show on Netflix, going out for a meal or a lil shopping spree. It makes me feel more positive and ready for the next project.
It’s always a great idea to treat yourself, even the small things are worth celebrating. This helps staying organised by giving yourself treats for doing well in life. Life is too short to not celebrate as much as you can!

And those are the ways I stay organised and keep on top of a busy work load. Thank you so much for reading, f you have any tips please share them below!


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4 thoughts on “Tips for Staying Organised

  1. Kyla says:

    I love this post! Time management has been a huge issue for me this year as I navigate my second last year of University. I think you are amazing for being able to work 20 hours per week while still going to uni full time!! I worked a 16 hour week until very recently and I struggled big time. I also make lists – it’s the only way I can get all my work done!! Fantastic post, I love reading time management posts because I need to learn that skill.

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