NYX HD Eyeshadow Base vs Urban Decay Primer Potion | Comparison Review

Hello everyone and happy Valentines Day! I hope you all have a fab Valentines no matter if your single or in a relationship. I have spent my day curled up at home as I had my wisdom tooth taken out yesterday. So I’m feeling a little sorry for myself! Anyway, today I am back with another comparison review of a high end and drugstore product! After I finished a tube of Urban Decays Primer Potion I thought I would try a drugstore version of an eye base. I was curious to see if the drugstore version would be as good as the Urban Decay base. I decided to try the NYX HD Eyeshadow base.

The NYX HD Eyeshadow Base is £6 whereas Primer Potion is £17.50, with NYX having 8ml of product and Urban Decay with 10. Which really isn’t much extra product for the price from Urban Decay. The HD Eyeshadow Base has a doe foot applicator whilst the Primer Potion comes with a straight applicator, making both easy to apply.

I find the HD Eyeshadow base applies lighter than my skin tone and it makes my eyelid look quite textured. I found this to be quite tacky, so unless it’s set with a skin coloured/translucent powder it can make blending eyeshadow more difficult. I also don’t think it makes my skin tone even, my veins can still be seen through it. 

Whereas the Primer Potion matches my skin tone and doesn’t feel tacky on my eyes.  I also find it helps to make my skin tone even on my eyelids, but the veins on my eyes are still slightly visible. 

When it comes to applying eyeshadow over the eyeshadow bases I prefer the Primer Potion, I can blend eyeshadow easier on top of it compared to the HD Eyeshadow Base. I also feel like the eyeshadow applies weirdly on top of the NYX eyeshadow base. Even when I use the same eyeshadows with the Urban Decay primer I find the eyeshadows apply normally. But for some reason they don’t blend or lay well on the NYX eyeshadow base. As for longevity I don’t know if they make the eyeshadow last longer but by the end of the day/night my eye makeup still looks as it did when it was applied.

Overall I prefer the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Eyeshadows lays well on top and I can wear it alone without eyeshadows and makes my eyes look more even. Even though £17.50 is a little pricey for an eyeshadow base I always wait for when Debenhams have a discount on their beauty items to repurchase any items! Do you use an eye primer, if so what do you like to use for an eye primer?

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