8 Places on My Bucket List

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope you are all well, I’m currently in the middle of so much uni work I’m not sure where to begin tackling my never ending to-do list! As my last term is flying by, it has got me thinking about holidays and where I want to visit. So I thought I would make a mini Bucket List here and share with you a few of the places I’d love to visit!


Ah, the city of love. I have been to Disneyland a few times, but never ventured into the actual city. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Louvre and of course go shopping!

Weirdly enough, when I wrote this blog post I had no intentions of going to Paris this year. However, it fell into place that I’m now going there in a month!


I love Italian food, it is my fave cuisine and so it just makes sense to go to on one of the main places in Italy! Plus it looks beautiful, I’d love to visit the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain and soak up as much of the city as I could!


I would love to see Iceland, especially the Nortern Lights. The photos on social media just look amazing and as a winter baby I think this would be a pretty cool way to celebrate a birthday!

Bali, Mauritius and Bora Bora
I have grouped these 3 together as they all will have the same thing written underneath. The photos of these amazing parts of the world are breathtaking. They look stunning. I would love to spend time in these 3 destinations, to soak in the scenery and make the most of being in these beautiful places!


The photos here look amazing, I love how the buildings are white and everything looks so picturesque. I would love to explore the streets and soak in the Greek culture.


It looks so vibrant and full of life and I would love to explore and soak in the culture! The photos look amazing, like no other place I have seen.

I know that I have repeated myself a lot here, but honestly all these places look amazing to visit! I hope that within my lifetime I am able to visit them all! Where is somewhere you would love to visit? Until next time


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