Dermaplaning At Home

For a little while I had been wanting to get a Dermaplaning facial. Dermaplaning is a facial treatment that exfoliates and removes peach fuzz, also called velus hair, basically removing the top superficial layer of skin. Resulting in smooth and brighter looking skin. It also allows treatments and products to penetrate deeper into the skin and reach newer cells, as well as an easier makeup application. 

Dermaplaning treatments can cost around £65, with the results lasting 1-2 weeks depending on when skin starts to look duller, doesn’t feel as smooth or velus hair starts growing back. Personally I couldn’t justify spending £65 on a treament that shaves off the top layer of skin, when I could buy a precision razor for a fraction of the cost. Meaning I don’t have to go out anywhere to do the treatment, plus the razor can be used multiple times! 

So after looking at different razors and the reviews, I decided to buy a Tweezerman Precision Razor for £12.50. It had good reviews online, plus I could just pop to my local Boots and pick it up rather than waiting on a delivery. 

My skin before dermaplaning

Before dermaplaning it’s recommended to have clean skin and hands, so I washed my hands and face before beginning. I was slightly nervous to try this as there’s a misconception that by shaving your hair will grow back thicker and darker. BUT I can confirm the hair hasn’t grown back thicker or darker!

When I started shaving it felt really weird, mainly because I’ve never done it before. It took a little while to get the angle right and the technique right to get rid of the top layer. I had a tissue near me to I could wipe away the velus hair and keep the razor blade clean. It was really satisfying to see everything come off my skin! I mainly focused on my cheeks and jaw line as I’ve been getting a lot of breakouts there, plus that’s where most of the velus hair is obvious. The first time I did this I found that I had to put pressure on the blade or nothing would come off, which didn’t hurt. Be firm but gentle!

I read up on how to do dermaplaning online and a few websites recommended to first shave downwards, then after do it a second time going upwards. I found this worked with getting the majority of velus hair off. I found it was easier along my jaw to do it at an angle. After I had finished I moisturised my face.

My skin after derma planing
Applying makeup the day after derma planing.

Overall it was a weird but satisfying experience. I mainly wanted to try this for an easier makeup application and get rid of velus hair as I’ve been quite conscious of it as I’ve been doing my makeup more. I notice sometimes foundation can make the hair quite obvious. Whilst I know its quite a vain thing and I’m probably the only one who’s noticed I feel good that it’s finally gone!

From the picture above my skin looks so much clearer and smoother. It feels so smooth and I love how it left my skin! I’m super happy with the results and it didn’t take too long to do! I love that I can do this treatment at home, anytime I want and it doesn’t have to be super expensive! Going to a professional they could go deeper into the skin compared to doing it at home. It’s just personal preference as to which you’d rather go for!

I definitely recommend this skin treatment, whether at home or by a professional. It has made my skin look and feel so smooth and makeup applies so much better on to the skin. Plus skincare treatments are able to get deeper into the skin. Since trying it I have been doing this treatment every two weeks or so to help keep my skin smooth. Plus the velus hair hasn’t grown back thicker or darker, just grown back exactly how it looked before dermaplaning!

Have you had any skincare treatments, if so what have you had? Or do you plan on getting any? Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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