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Recently whilst perusing the isles of Boots, always a dangerous thing to do, I noticed Sleek had a new concealer out, the LifeProof concealer. I was looking to try a new concealer after repurchasing the NYX HD Concealer 4 times. I have Sleek’s LifeProof foundation for my makeup kit for uni and it’s a good foundation. So I swatched a few shades that were available and decided to pick one up.

For £6.99 you get 7.4ml which is more than double the amount of product in my fave NYX HD Concealer which is £6 for 3ml. I had high hopes this would replace my NYX one. The LifeProof concealer is described on as:

Concealer is your secret beauty weapon! Hide imperfections and get beautiful, flawless skin with our Lifeproof Concealer.  The easy-to-blend formula effectively covers dark circles with a long-wearing, full coverage and matte finish formula.  Also perfect for those who like to highlight and contour!
Conceal imperfections such as dark circles, blemishes or uneven skin tone. Use our shade variation to shape your face for highlighting and contouring.

I have the shade Vanilla Shot, which when I swatched looked like a good match, however when I apply it under my eyes it’s definitely a shade or so lighter than my skin tone. Which is perfect for when I have a glam look, but not for an everyday look. It has a doe foot applicator which I thought would be bigger as the tube is bigger than a normal concealer, but it looks quite small.

The LifeProof Concealer applied under my eye, giving my skin a weird texture

Initially when I applied this under my eyes I was really impressed with the coverage and application. However when it came to taking my makeup off at the end of the day, under my eyes looked really weird. Like all the product had separated.

I then tried this concealer again, and this time as soon as I’d blended it out it seemed to sit weirdly on top of my foundation. So I wiped it all off, applied a moisturiser as a primer and started my makeup again but the same thing happened again. I didn’t think it was the foundations I’d used as no other concealer had applied weirdly.

On a different day I tried the concealer on it’s own to see if it was the foundations I’d used, and it wasn’t the foundations, it was the concealer. Which is a shame as I had hoped this would be fab like the foundation. So for now I’ll stick to my NYX HD Concealer, do you have a fave concealer you’d recommend to try? Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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