Brighton Travel Diary | January 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you are all smashing January! I have had such an amazing last few weeks and one weekend I went down to Brighton! I love Brighton, I have been there every year for the last few years and each time I always see more of the city. So I thought I would share with you what I got up to at the seaside!

Brighton is a south east seaside city and one I love to go to! There is always so much to do! We decided to leave for our coastal adventure early as it takes a few hours to get there, arriving there just before lunch time. Initially we were going to find a cute cafe in The Lanes, however hunger got the better of us and we stopped off at a cafe that made delicious sandwiches by Churchill Square!

One of the many alleyways in The Lanes
After lunch we wandered into Churchill Square and popped into a few shops. On the way into Brighton I decided I wanted to get a new piercing as I hadn’t got one in a long time and I’d been thinking about getting one for a few months, but never got around to getting it. So after looking at the best places to go and reviews one stood out to me, Punktured. So whilst we wandered through The Lanes, which is basically alleyways with lots of jewellery stores, Boho Gelato, Choccywokydodah and many, many other shops!
Our ice-cream!

We wandered up to where Punktured was, and I didn’t realise how big The Lanes was, there are so many alleyways and shops to explore. Not to mention the amount of restaurants and cafes to choose from! Punktured is a piercing shop, and sells lots of cute jewellery. I booked my time slot (which I’ve never had to do when getting a piercing!) and we went to get some ice cream at Gusto Gelato. I chose raspberry flavour and it was delicious!

We also popped back to the beach as we hadn’t really spent time there. It was so cold on the seafront, probably the coldest it’s been out of all the times we’ve been. But nonetheless I enjoyed being briefly on the seafront!

It’s no joke that there are literally thousands of seagulls around Brighton, and after all the times I have visited it was on this trip I got caught out by the seagulls! I want to say it landed somewhere not embarrassing, but unfortunately I can’t. It landed on the end of my nose and coat lapel. Whilst it could’ve been worse (?!) it was thankfully super easy to remove and didn’t stain my coat (or nose).

On the seafront, doing my best blogger awkward pose

After I had gotten the piercing it was late afternoon and it was really starting to get colder. So we wandered down The Lanes, going down different alleyways we hadn’t been down before and popped back into Churchill Square shopping centre to warm up. Eventually it was time for food again and we had booked a table at Jamie’s Italian, Italian is my fave cuisine and as we don’t live near a Jamie’s I love going there when I can! I had a Veggie Tagliatelle Bolognese which is so delicious!

Another thing that we thought of randomly to do in Brighton was to go to crazy golf. I love playing crazy golf and have a weird knack for it! So on the way in I had googled places to go and top of the list was GloBalls. So after we had finished dinner and had wandered around The Lanes again on the way back to the car and made the short drive over to the complex where the crazy golf was. Initially on the map it looked like a short walk, but actually it was 45 minutes which we didn’t fancy doing there and back in the cold!

Globalls is in Brighton Marina, which neither of us had been to before. The car park was a little confusing but we eventually found a place to park and wandered down to the marina. In the marina there are so many different restaurants to choose from as well as bowling alley and a cinema. We found Globalls and for £5.50 each, it’s an absolute bargain to do! There are two courses to choose from, Topicana or Jurassic, and we chose Jurassic.

Inside it was really weird to adjust to as the entire room is neon, but after a while it you get used to it. We had a great game of crazy golf and of course I won! Plus they played the Jurassic Park song but a techno version which made great music to golf to!

And those are the things we got up to on this Brighton trip! I loved our adventure and doing different things there. If you ever find yourself in Brighton other things I recommend doing is checking out one of their cake shops, there are so many to chose from or some ice-cream, you can never go wrong with some ice-cream at the beach! As well as going down the pier, seeing the Royal Pavilion and taking a stroll down The Lanes! There is so much to do there and time always seems to fly by! Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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    Love this! Me and my boyfriend are going to Brighton soon, and we usually go every year! It is just amazing 😊 also I am thinking of getting a piercing was the place good?

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