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With the run up to Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would review my first Kylie Cosmetics order. During the summer (which feels like forever ago) Kylie Cosmetics had a discount on some of the products, which I thought was the perfect time to try a few different formulas. Whilst I don’t really take much of an interest in what the Kardashian/Jenner family do, I have been curious to try Kylie’s makeup line. I’ve seen so many reviews, some good some bad and I guess it’s safe to say curiosity got the better of me.

I ordered the Sorta Sweet Lip Trio $36 (£28.08) at the beginning of July, the shipping cost $14.99 (£11.66) which isn’t too bad. At the time I was unsure if I would be hit with customs charges as it was only one item, I’ve read reviews where some were charged at customs and others weren’t. I was hoping not to get hit with the charges. Mid-July I then received an email saying my order was delayed. Then at the beginning of August I received a note from Royal Mail with my customs charge of £14.26, it was safe to say at this point I slightly regretted my choice to buy from Kylie. 

The Sorta Sweet Lip Trio includes the shades:

  • Maliboo Matte Liquid Lipstick – a light cool-toned nude. The Matte Liquid Lipstick is described as – The Maliboo Matte Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry out your lips.
  • Glitz Super Glitter Gloss – a shimmering peachy gold. The Glitter Gloss is described as – The Glitz super glitter gloss glides on the lips smoothly and evenly leaving behind a luminous and voluminous effect. A blend of vitamin E and highly emollient ingredients provide hydration and moisturize the lips, while natural lip enhancers provide volume. The gloss has an even and saturated application that delivers a long lasting brilliantly glossy end look.
  • Boy Bye Velvet Liquid Lipstick – a pinky mauve. The Velvet Liquid Lipstick is described as – The Boy Bye Velvet Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for a full coverage lip. This long wearing, ultra pigmented liquid lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients that glide on for a luxurious and creamy matte look that does not dry down.

I was really looking forward to trying the 3 products, however when I swatched them (as pictured above) I realised just how cool toned and brown Maliboo is and that I really wouldn’t suit this shade. When I had looked at it online it looked really pretty, but I knew from the swatch it wasn’t going to suit me – so rather than waste this product I decided to add it to my giveaway – don’t forget to enter!

Boy Bye is a whole other story, I really love this shade! It’s more purple than I anticipated but still a beautiful shade! As for the formula I really like it, it’s really comfortable to wear, my lips don’t feel dry at all when I wore it for around 4-5 hours. Boy Bye didn’t transfer when I drank or ate. It honestly felt like there was nothing on my lips! Plus when it came to taking off the shade it was super easy and I didn’t have to scrub my lips to get it all off! 

When I applied Glitz over the top I didn’t realise how glittery it was going to be! In Kylie’s photo the gloss looked a lot less glittery than it is in real life, which is annoying as I’m not a massive fan of uber glittery glosses like this one. So when I apply this I only use a small amount or I just feel like there’s way to much glitter on my lips for my liking! I also found that this gloss tastes weird, normally when I apply a lip product I don’t really taste anything as I apply it, but for some reason this gloss just tastes awful and really puts me off using it.

Here I’m wearing Boy Bye

Overall I feel like Boy Bye is by far my favourite product. Unfortunately this trio is no longer available, they can all be bought individually. The applicator on the liquid lipsticks was a standard doe-foot applicator. But the gloss had a weird brush applicator that I’m really not a fan of. As I live in the UK I don’t think I’ll order again from Kylie Cosmetics, the hassle of having to pay customs and waiting a month for an order when I can pop to my local drugstore and be able to swatch what I’m buying is much more appealing – especially for my bank account! 

Having said that I do think Kylie’s Velvet Liquid Lipsticks are worth the money and if she ever sold from a UK supplier I would more than likely buy a few more! Have you tried Kylie Cosmetics? If so what do you think of her makeup line?

Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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