Me, My Phone and I

Whilst this is slightly embarrassing to admit, this did teach me more than one lesson. Recently I was out shopping for some winter clothes. So in the changing room I was trying on jumpers, but had no pockets to put my phone anywhere and there was no stool in the changing room. One of the jumpers had pockets, so I put my phone in there whilst I tried everything on. After trying everything on I handed back the items I didn’t want and carried on with my shop.

It was about 10 minutes after trying everything on and I wanted to add up how much I would be spending. However I didn’t have my phone. Dread set in as I realised that my phone wasn’t in my possession nor the friend I was shopping with. I raced over to the changing room, but the jumper with it in wasn’t on the rail to be taken out. I raced over to where I had originally picked up the jumper, but it wasn’t there either.

The jumpers I bought from that New Look trip!

I was really starting to panic, thinking I’d have to way of contacting anyone and I started to think about how much money I had to buy a brand new phone, all the apps I needed to reset the password for and all the photos I’d lose. I felt so stupid for putting it in the pocket of a jumper and forgetting about it. Explaining it to the shop assistants I felt silly, but it’s what happened. Thankfully I’ve never done it before, nor am I likely to ever do it again!

I then found a shop assistant and asked if a phone had been handed in as I’d lost mine.  She went to check and that’s when I really started to feel the dread and anxiety kick in. After about 5 more minutes a shop assistant had the jumper with my phone in and I felt so relieved. Mainly because I didn’t have to fork out a few hundred for a new phone (mine isn’t on a contract) nor did I need to reset any passwords. Only safely hold onto it.

Long story short I shouldn’t put my phone inside clothes I’m trying on and always have pockets or a bag. I know it’s a very ditzy thing to do and rather stupid, but hey I’m prone to these things occasionally. But what those horrible 10 minutes taught me is how lost I am without my phone. How much of my life is held within that screen. How highly I value this device. It’s crazy.

For me my phone is something that makes me feel safer if I’m out alone, it holds all my thoughts and ideas for my blog, so many memories and photos and the list could go on. Whilst there is no major info on my phone I couldn’t imagine someone else snooping through it, wiping everything and selling it. Honestly I feel so lucky it was found. It may sound silly but I feel a little anxiety if I don’t have my phone on me when I go out, because it’s such an important device with so much on it and connects me to the outer world.

Another jumper I bought from the same shopping trip!

A few weeks ago my iPhone updated to have Screen Time, which at first I didn’t take much notice of. But after this incident I looked more closely to how long I spent on my phone and I was amazed. I never realised how much time I spent on my phone everyday! I think my worst day was on a weekend where I spent around 7 hours on my phone. That’s almost a shift at work. It really opened my eyes to how I was spending my time. Granted most of it is either on YouTube, scrolling through social media or creating blog/Instagram content. But still those hours add up throughout the week, month and year. It’s a little scary how long I spent looking at that screen!

So I set limits on the apps that were my worst offenders, mainly Instagram and Twitter. So I set time limits for myself, to not only give my eyes more of a break but also to become unstuck from my phone. Don’t get me wrong social media is a great way of connecting and seeing other people’s lives. But for me, having a limit on that makes it a more healthier experience and I am becoming more mindful of using these apps. Rather than scrolling endlessly and flittering between apps, I’ll check them every so often. Meaning my time is no longer being flown by in a blur of photos.

So whilst loosing my phone in a clothes shop inside a jumper was slightly embarrassing it also taught me a few lessons, to take more time away from the easily accessible internet and spend my time more wisely. I feel like I have become more productive with my time and I don’t waste as much time endlessly scrolling. I feel more consciously aware of how I spend my time.

Dare you check your screen time? Until next time


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2 thoughts on “Me, My Phone and I

  1. coupleoflittlethings says:

    So glad you found your phone!! It’s definitely a scary thought since phones are so expensive nowadays…
    For me, it’s the photos that I care the most about! I don’t normally back them up (so it’s on me if they’re every lost) so I know I’d be just as heartbroken as you when you thought you’d never see it again.

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  2. Aleeya Azimulla says:

    Great post! I misplaced my phone twice this past weekend. My family and I were having lunch and I totally forgot it on the table. It took me about 30 minutes to realize it was gone because I was to busy with the kids to even realize until I wanted to take a picture of my 11 months old new tooth!! I was so thankful that the waitress had it!! The second time was because I left it in my kids stroller…luckily my ringer was on loud because it’s usually on silent or vibrate. I do agree with you on the fact that we spend A LOT of time on our phones! Last week my family and I went on a cruise and we were all phoneless and it felt GREAT!


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