NYX Matte Liquid Liner vs Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | Comparison Review

Within the beauty community there are always drugstore products being compared to high end products and vice versa. So when I saw a few people I watch on YouTube saying they preferred the NYX Matte Liquid Liner to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner aka my fave, I knew I wanted to try it. Not only because it’s £7 but also because I am looking to replace my Tattoo Liner as I disagree with Kat’s choice for not vaccinating her child – but that’s a different story.


The application for both liquid eyeliners are different, with the Tattoo Liner being a pen and NYX’s being a small brush tip on the lid. Personally I prefer pen eyeliners as I find them easier to control from experience. However NYX’s was fairly easy to use after getting used to applying liner with something different.

When it came to the application both liners are super black and are very pigmented. I found with both I could pretty much get away with applying just one layer of the liner to achieve an uber black flick. I also found with both I can achieve a super thin line for my wings as well as getting the inner corner of the eye.

On the left is NYX Matte Liquid Liner and on the right is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. NYX’s looks a lot blacker in the photo’s,  Kat Von D’s is more matte.

They are both long wearing and don’t smudge when I rub my eyes, which is great as sometimes I forget I’m wearing makeup and I touch/rub my eyes! At this point in my opinion they are both neck and neck here. However, I found the NYX Matte Liner to feel quite dry on my eyes, normally I can’t feel makeup when it’s on my skin, so it was really weird to feel that my eyes felt tight where the NYX liner was. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, but enough for me to notice it every so often. I also found that with another layer of the NYX liner applied on top of the first layer the finish was quite shiny which isn’t something I like in liquid eyeliners.

Applying eyeliner can be tricky and whilst I find the Tattoo Liner easier to apply as that’s the style I prefer, with practice the NYX Matte Liner is fairly easy to apply. As getting your liner to match can be difficult sometimes, when it comes to removing both liners I felt that you had to move pretty quick for the liner to come off fairly easily. If found when I waited for the NYX liner to dry I really had to go over the mistake a number of times before it even came off the skin. Whereas the Kat Von D liner is easier than the NYX liner to remove when dried down to correct a mistake.

On the left is NYX Matte Liquid Liner and on the right I am wearing Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.

When it came to removing the liquid liners I found the Tattoo Liner much easier to remove, a few rubs of my makeup removing oil and it’s all gone. I don’t have to scrub my eyes to get it all off. I found with the NYX liner, using the same makeup removing oil I really had to rub the product in to get it to budge. Even when I had rubbed my eyes quite a few times and using a makeup removing face wash there was still product  coming off my eyes. After I used another makeup remover and found the liner came off in little clumps, getting everywhere on my face.

Whilst both eyeliners are really good for longevity, colour payoff and overall performance I do think that just because the Kat Von D Tattoo liner is so much easier to get off it’s the winner. I also prefer Tattoo Liner because it’s more comfortable to wear and isn’t drying.

Either way if your in the market for a new eyeliner then the NYX one is a great place to start in the drugstore, plus it doesn’t matter what your budget is as it’s super affordable! Thank you so much for reading! What’s your go to eyeliner?


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8 thoughts on “NYX Matte Liquid Liner vs Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | Comparison Review

  1. jazminheavenblog says:

    Both of these look like really fab choices! I’m looking for a new liner because as much as I like the Soap & Glory one, the staying power isn’t all that great in my opinion. One of these may be the way to go xx

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  2. bubieblog says:

    I haven’t tried the NYX liner but have heard good things! I used Tattoo liner before, didn’t like it, and I’m giving it another chance now… but not crazy about it. It’s definitely not as dark, and when doing liner over lots of shadow, I feel like I have to do a lot of coats! Thanks for the review! I’ll definitely be trying NYX liner next!

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  3. The Newbury Girl says:

    The Tattoo liner has been my go-to for years, but I am also planning to try something new once my mine is finished. However, her liners are so long-lasting, so I’m not sure when that will be.

    I haven’t tried the NYX liner, since NYX tends to be a hit or miss brand for me, but his liner looks lovely. I’m hoping to try Stila’s liquid liner when I finally run out of the KVD liner.😊

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