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Hello everyone, hope you are all well! Recently I went to Castle Combe, which is a village in Wiltshire. I came across this little place whilst on Instagram and saw it wasn’t too far from where I lived. So I added it onto my list of places to go. With the weather starting to change and get colder I thought this was the perfect place to go for an autumnal adventure!

We weren’t sure on parking, but there was a space on the side of the road to park just before getting into the village. We got to the village just after lunch, so we wandered round getting our bearings. We headed into the Manor House, which is beautiful on the outside, we couldn’t go inside as there was a private event.

After we looked for somewhere to grab lunch, there were two pubs and a few cafes. We  had lunch in The Old Stables Coffee Shop, which had a selection of sandwiches, cakes and cream teas. It was really nice in there and the lunch was delicious! If you ever go to Castle Combe I recommend stopping off there for a bite to eat! There were also little stalls outside some of the houses selling cakes and sweets. I bought a carrot cake from one of the stalls – it’s one of my favourite cakes and it was delicious!

After lunch we wandered around again, we went into the church which has beautiful stained glass windows. We also found out that Castle Combe was where part of the film Was Horse was filmed!

Whilst there isn’t a lot to do there, it’s a very pretty place and it was fun to explore this village for the afternoon! There were a few trails that led off to different places but we weren’t dressed for adventuring too far, the clouds looked very grey and we didn’t want to get caught out in a downpour!

I really enjoyed exploring this village and will definitely go back there for another afternoon of exploring! Thank you so much for reading! Have you been anywhere new recently? Until next time


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  1. Love, Lottie Rose says:

    This cute little village looks lovely, very pretty! I really enjoy walking around and exploring new areas too so thank you for adding this to my list of ‘where to go next’ 🙂 xx

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