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Recently my parents and I went for a day trip to Bristol. Bristol isn’t far from where we live and so we took the train over, ending up at Bristol Train Station which isn’t far from the harbour, aquarium, we the curious and of course Cabot Circus shopping centre. When we went to Bristol Gromit Unleashed 2 was still running, which is a trail around Bristol of different Gromits, Wallace’s and Feathers McGraw. Which if you didn’t know are characters from a British cult classic Wallace and Gromit, an inventor and his dog! The trail raises money for charities with the help of the sculptures, with 60 to find dotted around.

The trail started in June and ended at the beginning of September. Whilst in Bristol with my parents we walked towards the harbour, passing St Mary Radcliffe Church as we went. We stopped outside to take a picture with Gromit and to go inside the church.

St Mary Radcliffe Church – outside and inside

After we wandered down to stop for a drink before heading to the Christmas Steps, which are steep steps that I wouldn’t want to go up/down when it’s been raining! The Christmas Steps are a great way of going out of the shopping complex and seeing more of the city!

After the Christmas Steps we wandered over to the City Hall, which had another Wallace as well as a greenery to sit on before the Cathedral.

The bottom half of Christmas Steps, Bristol Cathedral and Bristol City Hall

After the Cathedral we walked over to part of Bristol Harbour. At one end of the Harbour there are boat restaurants, an aquarium as well as the short distance back to Cabot Circus. At the other end of the Harbour is the M Shed which exhibits art collections as well as other buildings.

Before heading back to the train station we stopped at Sprinkles Gelato, they had so many flavours to choose from like Kit Kat, Jammie Dodger and Skittles. I chose watermelon, not sure I’d have it again but it was still nice.

Outside we the curious, Sprinkles Gelato watermelon icecream and part of Bristol harbour!

There is so much to do in Bristol and I enjoy going to the city whether it be to treat myself or explore! The Gromit Unleashed trails are a great way to see the city and whilst it has ended this year, Bristol is a great city with a lot to see and do. Here are all the sculptures we came across on our trip;

Feathers McGraw Games of Cones sculpture, Gromit Bristol in Bloom sculpture, Gromit Bristol’s Own sculpture, Wallace Gnome Sweet Gnome sculpture, Wallace Rocket Man sculpture and Feathers McGraw Prima Featherina sculpture

Thank you so much for reading! Have you been to Bristol? If so what do you get up to whilst your there? Until next time


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    Loved this post, I’m actually going to Bristol soon over Christmas time to go to the Christmas Markets so lovely to hear a bit more about the area 🙂 x

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