My LVL Experience

Earlier in the year I treated myself to an LVL treatment, it had been something I had been wanting to try. But with the end of my first year at uni looming I wanted to wait until I’d have time to actually wear makeup and make the most of the treatment. LVL is basically a perm for your eyelashes, it stands for Lengthen, Volume and Lift. I had heard of this for a while before I had it done, but never really understood what it was until I saw a friend had it done and her lashes looked amazing! So after my final assessment was done I decided to treat myself to an LVL. Plus I had many exciting weekends planned so by having my lashes done meant one less step in my makeup routine!

Before getting the LVL treatment, I had a patch test 48 hours before the treatment to ensure I wasn’t going to be allergic to any of the perming products used. The lady who did my lashes, Lucy, also does my brows so I knew I could trust her in doing a good job! The process of the LVL was fairly straightforward, all I had to do was lie down and close my eyes whilst Lucy worked her magic!

It took around half an hour for the treatment to be done. I was worried I would start to feel anxious as I don’t like to not know what’s going on around me, especially as I wouldn’t be able to see! But as I have known Lucy for quite a while I felt really comfortable and at ease.

A few hours after the LVL treatment

Here is a picture of when I first got them done, as you can see they look super curled. I was advised to wait 24 hours before getting the lashes wet or the water would ruin the perm. I think I went about 30 hours, not that it makes a difference I just happened to be on a long shift at work! I will say when I washed my face for the first few times I could really smell the perm, but it faded after a few washes. I also didn’t apply any mascara on the lashes for the first two days, mainly because I had work and don’t really make too much of an effort with makeup.

Not going to lie I was a bit meh about them when I got a proper look at home. However, the first time I put on mascara, oo boy it was like a whole new ball game! Considering my lashes looked meh the first few days that meh turned into a ohmygosh my lashes are bomb! Honestly applying mascara took my lashes to a whole new level. My lashes look super long and make my eyes look more awake. Below are photos a few days after the treatment, one before applying mascara and the other after.

A few days after the treatment before applying mascara
A few days after the LVL treatment after applying mascara

Over the next few weeks I loved my lashes! They look so good with and without mascara. I have been using disposable mascara wands to brush out the lashes after showering and washing my face. This helps to rearrange the lashes and to keep them separated.

After over 4 weeks of LVL I started to notice my lashes starting to drop. Mascara still applied amazingly and I continued to use the disposable mascara wands to help keep my lashes in the shape. Then at 6 weeks my lashes started to drop more. But still looked better than my normal lashes when mascara was applied. I still used the disposable mascara wands after I washed my face or showered to help keep the treatment for as long as possible.

Above is the difference brushing my lashes daily made. The left is before brushing my lashes after I had not long woken up. The right is after washing my face then brushing my lashes.

Overall I recommend LVL if you’re not a fan of wearing false lashes, love having long lashes or just want to treat yourself! I found it difficult to apply false lashes as the lashes are so upright! But it was so nice not to wear lashes for over two months! Below are some photos of how my lashes looked after doing my makeup:

My lashes stayed pretty curled for around 8 weeks, which was amazing! They made such a difference to my makeup application. My lashes constantly looked so good with and without mascara! I am so impressed with this treatment and would definitely get it done again!

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    How cool! I’ve always wanted to try something like this. Last month, I tried Eyelash Extensions and they were really cool the first one and a half week, but I really started to feel the glue after that… It kinda strained my eyes and it just bothered me overall :^( My only problem is as an Asian, my eyelashes are pretty much non-existent LOL

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