Bare Minerals Original Mineral Foundation | Review

A little while ago as I was perusing the isles of Boots, I came across the clearance section and to my surprise they had a few Bare Minerals products there, you can check out the other goodies I bought in this haul. When I saw the Original foundation was on sale for £13 rather than £27, I had been wanting to try it and this offer was too good to resist.


I picked up the shade Fairly Light 03, which in the pan I thought it would be too dark for my skin, but as they didn’t have any other shades I decided to try it anyway. The Original SPF15 Mineral Foundation is described on as;

  • Texture: Loose powder foundation
  • Coverage: Sheer-to-full
  • Finish: Naturally luminous
  • Shade Range: 30 true-to-you shades
  • The #1 Mineral Foundation in 2016*
  • Women’s Healthy Beauty Award Winner 2017
  • Cosmopolitan Beauty Award Winner 2017
  • Stylist Best of Beauty Award Winner

Our amazingly lightweight, loose powder foundation provides sheer-to-full coverage with a no-makeup look and feel that lasts for up to eight hours.
An all-time fan favourite for two decades and counting, this natural-looking foundation is made with just five mineral ingredients and promotes clearer, healthier looking skin over time.

Great for sensitive skin, our most popular mineral foundation protects your face with SPF 15 and diminishes the appearance of imperfections without drying skin out, giving you flawless coverage with a naturally luminous finish. This is makeup so pure that it won’t cause breakouts-even if you sleep in it.


The packaging on this loose powder is probably one of the best I’ve seen as it has a twisty top under the lid, which you can twist to let product out then twist it shut to keep the product in the bottom. As someone who is notorious for spilling and dropping things this is super handy as there is no spillage when opening. Making it great for travelling with as it can’t get everywhere!

I was happily surprised that Fairly Light 03 matched my skin tone, it was slightly too dark if too much was applied. But once buffed into the skin it blended perfectly. I have been using this for work as it is super quick to apply and gives my complexion a sheer coverage.

Above the left photo is with no makeup applied and the right is after applying concealer and the Original Mineral Foundation on the skin.

I am really impressed with how this foundation performs, I apply it with a large fluffy brush in the mornings before work and 10 hours later my skin still looks the same, all bar slightly oilier. I found that it does’t break up on my skin, cause breakouts or transfer. Plus it doesn’t stick to any dry areas on my face. I find that for work it’s perfect as I don’t want to do a full face of makeup, and it gives a light coverage that makes me look more alive. The finish is definitely how it’s described, a luminous natural finish. It looks just like skin but a bit better. Plus the UK has seen some hot weather over the summer and it didn’t slide off my face!

After applying the rest of my makeup

Overall I do like this product, the only thing I am not a fan of is that to apply it I tip some into my hand, which I then have to wash or I’ll get powder everywhere! But it’s not a deal breaker for me, just an extra step. Would I repurchase, I’m not sure. Buying this for under half price was a great steal and I am glad I have finally tried this! Thank you for reading, until next time


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15 thoughts on “Bare Minerals Original Mineral Foundation | Review

  1. Brittney Ross says:

    I always pour some on a tiny little tray I have sitting on my vanity or in the cap so I make less of a mess. I also LOVE their mineral concealer! I find that it works well for covering blemishes and never leaves me looking cakey! ❤

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  2. alwayscleia says:

    That’s so nice that you can twist it so that the powder doesn’t come out, I’ve dropped my coty airspun powder twice recently and it’s a disaster! Powder everywhere 😭 I want to try this foundation, it sounds perfect for everyday


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