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At the beginning of September the UK had a beautiful weekend, and to make the most of it I went with a friend to Waterperry, which is a village just outside of Oxford. I came across this little village whilst scrolling though Instagram, I don’t remember who posted a picture there, but I looked it up on the maps and it was just over an hours drive away. It has been on an open tab on my phone, along with many other things, reminding me of somewhere I wanted to visit.

Making the most of this beautiful weather we made our way over to the village, which has a garden centre and gardens. The garden centre wasn’t very busy and we set off on exploring. To get into the gardens you have to go through two shops and buy your tickets for the garden in the second. For £7.50 each to get into the gardens, which we didn’t realise before we got there, you got an all day pass to the gardens.

There were a number of things to do around the garden centre, such as visit the church, cafe, museum and of course the garden centre and gardens. There is also a Tudor house, but this unfortunately has no access for the public.

So we set off exploring in the gardens, there was lots of different trails to take around the gardens. We wandered round one way, taking in all the beautiful flowers and soaking up the sun. The gardens were really quiet considering it was a sunny day, with a few families and older people walking around the gardens. The trails can be as long or as short as you make them, so after half an hour or so we stopped in the cafe to grab some lunch. Which turned out to be pretty pricey, we could’ve had a Nando’s for a fiver more! I would definitely recommend taking your own lunch if you don’t want to fork out almost £20 for sandwiches, water, crisps and a pot of strawberries!

But it was a nice lunch, after we wandered round into the church then back into the gardens. This time we went around a different trail, going over a river and looping back into the main gardens. There wasn’t really much else to do in Waterperry, so after a few lil photoshoots and some Magnum ice creams, we headed back home.

I had a really nice time in Waterperry, the gardens are really pretty. I always enjoy exploring new places and whilst I may not travel here again it was somewhere I wanted to go and can close that tab off on my phone!

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