Summer 2018

This summer has been an eventful one, so I thought I would do a post I have never done before: summarising my summer. In the three months I had off for uni so much has happened in such a short space of time. I went from dating someone to being single again. I have travelled to the beaches of  Weymouth and visiting Scotland for the first time. I got a promotion at work, I have tried things I never thought I would and it has flown by!

Starting off with June I finished my HNC in the first week with final hand in for our assessments the week after. I have never been so stressed but also super proud of myself. I had such a great time with the end of year show, the theme was phobias so we really go to experiment and play with makeup. I absolutely loved my first year, which you can read more about my first year as an ‘older’ student here.

My end of year show June 2018

Towards the mid to end of June I had three weeks of being away in a different parts of the UK!  I first went with my parents to see Ed Sheehan in Cardiff which was amazing! I’ve seen him live before, years ago when he came to my home town and it was an amazing experience! This time it was on another level again and he is just amazing live! A week later I went to Weymouth with my family, which was a lush time as it was super hot and I love spending time with them. Plus we saw the sunrise, which I love doing, it’s such a beautiful time of day.

Then a week later at the beginning of July I went to Edinburgh which was an incredible experience. I have never been to Scotland and it was beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and the city is on another level. It is nothing like Cardiff or London and I adore it there, I would happily go back in a heart beat. We explored the city, went to the zoo, went to Edinburgh Castle, had Scottish ice cream and saw the sun rise to name just a few things we did. I had the best time in Edinburgh, which you can read about more; Day One, Day Two , Day Three and Day Four.

Then at the end of July I went to Kent with my family again, this time to the Big Cat Sanctuary which was a great experience. We had watched the programme on BBC1 about a Jaguar called Maya and she lives there at the Sanctuary. The open day meant we could go and see her, as well as the other big cats they rescue and look after. We are going back later in the year for a photography day!

In August it was my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary which I planned a super cute – if I say so myself – present and it inspired me to do a blog post about how I aspire to be like them, which you can read here.

I also had a few day trips which were amazing days out! I went to Bath, Bristol, Waterperry and Castle Combe. All of which I have done blog posts about, some I have published and some are not quite done yet so keep your eyes out for those!

As I said at the beginning of the post, I recently became single again and as someone who felt like I constantly needed someone with me so I could do things, I knew I needed to change that as it’s so unhealthy. I get quite anxious in places on my own and so to get out of that mind set I have been doing little things on my own. Like going to the cinema and  going to the shops. I might do a blog post on this more in-depth, if that’s something you guys would be interested in?

I have also been experimenting a lot with makeup and different looks, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have some upcoming blog posts with more of these looks as well as uploading them onto my Instagram!

And that has been my summer 2018! Thank you so much for reading! I know this has been a longer post than usual, I have had an eventful summer and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has to offer! What has been your favourite memory this summer? Until next time


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