Thoughts On Going Back to Uni

It’s only a few days until I’m back at uni, and to be honest I’m nervous. Not for the course or the work load, I definitely learnt my lesson last year in how to juggle everything on my plate. But more for that the first year went by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like I should be a second year with only this year to go before completing my HND.

Being an ‘older’ student, going back into education it took a lot for me to get back into the swing of, I’d been out of education for a few years. But the whole reason I took the course was to get a qualification in something other than my apprenticeship. I realised that my NVQ wasn’t something I wanted to do forever, and as I had thought I’d missed out on going to uni, getting onto this course I was so surprised. I go into more detail about my first year and how going to uni came about for me here.

Our end of year show June 2018

It’s crazy to think how quickly my first year went, at the time all the coursework and assignments felt like they were never ending and my to do list constantly had things being added on. Now that I am almost about to start my second year I know that it’ll feel like forever until the finishing line can be seen. But this time around there’s no second year, just what comes after the course.

I knew before I did the course that I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go. I love blogging and creating content, it’s a huge passion of mine and of course I would love to make this my income. But outside of this slice of the internet I really don’t know what I want to do as a career. I would love to work in the makeup industry but I’m not sure what part, maybe the TV/film side. I’m hoping in my second year that I find my calling, or at least get a better idea as to what area I want to be in.

On the left is one of my first assignments, the theme was cultures and I took inspiration from the Day of the Dead. On the right is one of my last assignments, this one was based on evolution and I chose to focus on human evolution – specifically the evolution of the Ancient Egyptians. 

I would like to have more of an idea as to what I want my future to look like, but the last 18 months has taught me that no matter how much you can plan and think you know what’ll happen you really have no clue what’s around the corner. Going to university to me was never about the end result, it was about the journey it took to get here.

I’d love to know what the next year holds for me, but I’ll just have to wait. Thank you for reading my rambles on going back to uni! Until next time


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