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Last week my best friend and I went to spend the day in Bath. I have been to Bath a handful of times,  for me it’s under an hour away on the train, but I haven’t really gone to Bath for any other reason than to go shopping or to their Christmas Market. So when my best friend and I both had a day off we decided to spend the day in Bath and explore more of the city!

We started our trip off with a breakfast date before catching the train over to Bath. It was colder than we were expecting so to warm ourselves up we perused the shops whilst we waited for the sun to work its magic. Bath has lots of shops to choose from, many shops which aren’t local to me so we made the most of seeing what they had to offer.

Whilst we both warmed up we ended up in River Island and looking at their coats, I love buying winter coats! I am quite picky when it comes to clothes, so the coat has to be just right. Weirdly enough Kiri and I ended up falling in love with the same coat but in different colours! Well we already have matching bags! So we put them on hold to buy later whilst we carried on exploring.

Walking up towards the abbey it started to get warmer, we had a lil photo shoot for each other outside as it makes a beautiful backdrop! Venturing inside the abbey it’s beautiful inside. The sun was streaming through the stained glass windows. I love going inside churches and reading the engravings on the floor and walls. Plus I find the architecture gorgeous inside, it can be so intricate!

After the Abbey we made it our mission to find Pulteney Bridge, which I have never done in all the times I’ve been to Bath! I’ve seen pictures of it online but never actually been there. So in a short walk we stopped to take some more photos! It’s such a pretty bridge, there are boat tours that go right up the the bridge as well as paddle boarding which we saw both as we visited the bridge. On the other side of the bridge there is a little cafe which I have been told has very nice cakes!

As we continued our adventure we took the opportunity to take some more photos under the flower canopy. Bath switches these up every so often, last time I went there were umbrellas in different colours making up the canopy! Often in Bath there are many buskers, a lot of them are really talented, like this girl – she had an amazing voice!

There are many things to do in Bath such as visit the Roman Baths which I haven’t done yet, but it’s on my list of things to do next time when I’m in Bath! There is also a city farm which was too far for us to go on foot. I have been to the Fashion Museum which is really interesting if fashion is your thing. It’s crazy to see what people wore only a few hundred years ago! There are many bars and cafe to chose from to eat and drink. As well as plenty of shops to peruse and treat yourself to goodies!

Thank you for reading what I got up to in Bath I had a really great day. It seems crazy that I have only been to Bath to shop and never really explored it further, but I am glad to have changed that! For me I quite often suffer from feeling anxious or panic attacks when out and about, and I am proud to say I only had a small bout of anxiety once. It’s something I am always working on and it’s a great feeling when I have a good day with only small periods of feeling anxious.


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