Edinburgh Travel Diary – Day Four

This was our last day in this amazing city! I know I’ve pretty much said the same things about Edinburgh in Day One, Day Two and Day Three. But honestly it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I haven’t travelled extensively nor been abroad much. But this is definitely a good start!

On our last day we only had a few hours after waking up until we had to be on our train, which left at 10am. So we didn’t get so see any more of Edinburgh before leaving, other than our route to the train station.

So, even though I have written up all the days and what we got up to I thought I would do a final post about Edinburgh and what my favourite things were! Looking up Edinburgh online I thought it was an okay city, I had heard good things from friends who had been there. I thought it would be the perfect place to begin my travelling adventures as it’s still in the UK but it would be the furthest I had ever travelled within the country. However, I was totally blown away by how beautiful this city is. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s unlike any city I’ve been to.


First day of Edinburgh and we found the castle as we explored our new surroundings


Victoria Street, the street that inspired J.K. Rowling for Diagon Alley.

There are hardly any cars on the roads, just buses, taxis and trams. Making the roads fairy quiet and not very noisy. As I’ve mentioned in the other Edinburgh travel diaries,  literally everywhere you look there is a stunning view. Whether it be of the castle, the city or the sea. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this place. I was a little nervous that it would be like London, super busy, super noisy and super crowded everywhere. However it was nothing like that. The streets are fairly wide, the busiest place was the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle and the only noise was from buskers and the people exploring. I only had one panic attack and that was at the castle. Which for someone who gets anxious in large crowds says something.

Researching a place to go and having a list of things to do is totally different to actually being there and seeing all the things on offer. Places look so different online to what they do in real life!


Scott Monument

My favourite things we did in Edinburgh was exploring on the first day, Edinburgh Zoo and the city tour on the second day and The Real Mary King’s Close and more exploring on the third day. There were so many more things we wanted to do but simply didn’t have the time to do, mainly because they either didn’t appear on the top things to do in Edinburgh or we didn’t realise we could do it.

I would love to go back to Edinburgh! It has quickly become my favourite place, as much as I love Brighton Edinburgh may have taken the top spot! Although Brighton is much more accessible for me to get to than Edinburgh!

If I were to go back to Edinburgh I would go to the Holyroodhouse Palace, climb Arthurs Seat, go on a trip to the highlands, go down to the sea and just explore more of Edinburgh! I’d definitely do the zoo again, I think it was such a good zoo and was totally different to any I had been to! I would also do the city tour again as it was so insightful, plus it’s a great way to get around Edinburgh and explore what it has to offer. The tickets last for 24 hours so you can really make the most of seeing the attractions.

Overall, if you can’t tell by now, I had an amazing time away with an amazing person. It was such an incredible time away and something that I can tick off my Bucket List! Thank you so much for reading! What is something you want to tick off your Bucket List? Until next time


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