Edinburgh Travel Diary – Day Three

After spending two days in Edinburgh, Day One and Day Two,  Monday was our last full day in Edinburgh. We had booked The Real Mary Kings Close Tour. This had been recommended to me from my hairdresser who went to Edinburgh I think last winter. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the tour, I had looked at it online and thought it looked pretty cool to do.

Our tour was booked for 11am, which meant we were able to have a well deserved lay in and a chill morning. The tour lasted an hour and it was so interesting! It was about the people who lived in Mary Kings Close in the 1600’s and their way of life. Our tour guide Chris T was so good at his job, making his character seem real. He knew all his facts and was able to answer any questions anyone had.

The entrance to The Real Mary King’s Close, the only photo as photos are not allowed in the attraction

After the tour we grabbed some lunch before heading up to Edinburgh Castle. The Castle is on the Royal Mile and wasn’t far from The Real Mary Kings Close. There were many seats around the castle for the tattoo. The castle houses around 140 soldiers so a few places were off limits. We forgot to prebook tickets so had to queue, which went by pretty quickly so didn’t spend too long in the queue.

Edinburgh Castle – the main entrance
Edinburgh Castle – the main entrance
View from a cannon hole, I was too small to see over the wall of the castle
View from over the wall!
Inside the castle waiting to see the Crown Jewels Queen Mary wore – yes my fingers are in this shot & all the other shots of this part look look this.
Panoramic shot at the back of Edinburgh Castle

The castle itself was very busy, probably like the busiest place of Edinburgh of our trip. The castle was okay, it was just super busy and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to, mainly because I get quite anxious in crowds. The most interesting thing was seeing the crown, sceptre and sword from Mary Queen of Scots. The view was amazing from the tower, but other than that I personally didn’t enjoy the castle like I thought I would.

To finish our day we were going to go to a Scottish restaurant, however it was quite a walk from the castle and our legs literally were going to give way at any point. So instead we went to TGI Fridays, I haven’t been for one in a very long time as there isn’t one near where I live. So we had a few drinks and soaked up our last evening in this city.

After dinner we wandered around a different part that we hadn’t wandered down and explored. Soaking up the last of the suns ray and the culture.

The Royal Mile, Market Street
Old Town, Edinburgh – a bagpipe player
View of the city when walking out of Edinburgh Castle
Scottish whippy ice-cream from Mackie’s of Scotland IceCream – vanilla and chocolate flavour to keep us cool in the warm Scottish afternoon!
View from TGI Fridays of the back of Edinburgh Castle
Ross Fountain in West Princes Street Garden
Victoria Street, Edinburgh – the street that is said to have given J.K. Rowling inspiration for Diagon Alley
Another angle of the inspiration of Diagon Alley

That is all for the third day of exploring Edinburgh! I have one last post to follow up in this Edinburgh travel diary which will be up soon! Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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5 thoughts on “Edinburgh Travel Diary – Day Three

  1. scatteredstars says:

    Gorgeous photos! That ice cream is literally making my mouth water, I bet it was soo good. I hope you’ve had a lovely trip! ❤ ❤

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  2. Memories & Martinis says:

    Edinburgh is such a beautiful city! I have family that lives there and seeing their early morning posts of Edinburgh during sunrise are just amazing! I need to plan a trip up there to see it at some point cause it looks so beautiful!xx

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