6 Ways I Aspire To Be Like My Parents

It’s coming up to my parents 25th wedding anniversary and it’s got me thinking about them. They are my favourite people in the entire world and I love spending time with them. So in sort of honour of their wedding anniversary I thought I would write up 6 ways I aspire to be like my parents.

For me my childhood was a super happy one, I adored spending time with my parents and the rest of my family. I have amazing memories, and even though I went through a really bad patch in my late teens, my parents have always been there for me. Always listened and gave advice and I honestly think I have the best parents. That may be biased, but if one day I have my own children, I hope to be as amazing as they are.

My parents on their wedding day

Here are all the ways that I aspire to be like my parents:

  1. My parents give great advice
    Whenever I feel down or something is wrong I am able to go to my parents and talk about what is on my mind. They always give great advice/pep talk on life. They give me a different point of view and a different perspective on a situation. So to take on board what they say and put into real life is something I always am working on.
  2. Mum makes the best cakes & Dad makes a mean roast
    Mum always has baked cakes for family birthdays/whenever she feels like it and they are the tastiest cakes I have ever had. When I have my own kitchen I’m going to make it my mission to make cakes just as good as Mum.
    Dad makes the best roast potatoes I’ve ever tasted. They are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they’re the best part of a roast. Even thinking about them makes me want some! He also makes a great lasagne!
  3. My Mum isn’t scared of spiders
    Whenever there is a spider bigger than a 20 pence piece I need someone to remove it. I have this irrational fear of spiders that maybe one day I’ll be able to cure. Little spiders I can deal with, it’s the ones with big bodies, or long legs or both. I think it’s the way they move and they can be so quick, then hide in places you’d rather them not be! So to not be as petrified of spiders would be super handy, trying to catch one when it’s in my room is awful. I always end up loosing them!
  4. My Dad limits the fucks he gives
    My Dad has always been someone who couldn’t careless about what other people think. Unless they are someone important then why give a fuck!? And he’s not wrong! I am someone who, in the past has definitely given too many of my fucks to people who don’t deserve them. Unless someone is important in my life why should I care what they think!? When in reality they probably aren’t even thinking half the things I think they are! This is definitely something I am working on!
  5. Mum is a really good artist
    When my brother and I were younger Mum would draw on our walls, she did butterflies, fire engines and even painted a Thomas the Tank engine scene for my brother on the train track Mum and Dad made one year. I’d really like to get back into drawing, I love being creative and would love to do similar things for my future mini-me’s.
  6. My Dad is pretty funny & he also knows a lot of interesting facts
    I put these two together as then I had an even number of things for Mum and Dad. Dad Always making a joke, or a one liner pun. In many situations my Dad is hilarious and always makes me laugh.
    Honestly there are so many facts my Dad knows and they are so interesting. I would love to be able to remember more interesting facts and just be more knowledgable about things I find interesting.

As I said, I may be biased but my parents are amazing. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned my parents struggled when my brother and I were younger. This makes me appreciate all the happy memories more because they really made the best of the situations they were in. My parents are my favourite people on the planet and I look forward to all the memories to come. Thank you Mum and Dad, you’re truly amazing people and as I said, if I ever become a parent I hope to be as good as you guys.


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9 thoughts on “6 Ways I Aspire To Be Like My Parents

  1. Lisa Rachel says:

    I love this post, so positive and uplifting! Your parents really do sound amazing and I count myself lucky because mine have always been fab too. My Dad is the same with the random facts, where on earth do they learn it all?! Ha ha

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  2. Memories & Martinis says:

    I absolutely loved this 😍 my parents are my favourite people in the world as well and I aim to show them Ultimate appreciation everyday of my life cause they are just incredible!
    So this post was so uplifting to read cause I relate so much 😍❣️

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