Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlight | Review

Hello everyone! The UK has had such beautiful weather over the past few weeks!  I think I am permanently on the late band wagon, it took me so long to try a liquid highlighter! However in my defence I didn’t want to fork out £30+ on the Iconic London liquid highlighters as I didn’t know if I would like it plus I couldn’t justify spending that much. I also found there weren’t many cruelty free drugstore ones in my local Boots that I could swatch. I had looked at the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters but the ones that were in stock weren’t shades that would suit me.

The top swatch is 3 drops from the dropper, the middle is a few drops lightly blended out and the bottom swatch is the liquid highlight fully blended out

What made me chose this one was that I had seen Hannah Renee rave about it a few times on her YouTube channel, so when I was perusing the isles of Boots I decided to finally swatch the Barry M highlighters. I chose the shade Beam Me Up, which is a light gold shade.

Initially, before swatching the shades thought I would pick up Moon Potion, however it is very white and I didn’t know how that would come off on my cheekbones. I didn’t want it to look like a super obvious white streak.

On the liquid highlighter is described as;

Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops give the ultimate intense glow! Available in stunning, metallic shades, use it to brighten the skin and highlight your bone structure for instantly lustrous skin.
Formulated with striking pearls to reflect light, use on its own for an intensely radiant highlighting effect or add drops to your favourite foundation for an all over glow.  

Beam Me Up applied on the cheekbones

This highlighter is perfect for the warmer weather as it creates a gorgeous glow on its own, and when a powder highlight is applied on to it takes the glow to another level! Plus you can choose how intense you want the highlight to be and I love that!

Whilst it is a total liquid like a liquid foundation, it is a thicker consistency. I find I don’t really use the dropper applicator. I just dab the end of the dropper where I want the highlight then blend it in.

I really love using this highlighter! I first dab it onto my skin and blend it lightly with my ring finger along my cheekbones, before going over it with a beauty sponge.  I found blending with a sponge first didn’t  blend the highlighter very well.

Overall I really enjoy using this liquid highlighter, and as usual I wonder why I took so long in trying this type of product! Have you tried a liquid highlighter? If so which one do you enjoy using?

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17 thoughts on “Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlight | Review

    • Hannah Amethyst says:

      I just go with what ever swatches the prettiest on my arm as well as reading reviews on the highlighters I think I’ll like! If you’re looking for something new to try or a liquid highlight I’d definitely recommend this one!xo

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  1. New Lune says:

    It’s such a beautiful shade! I need to pick this up, I was debating whether I wanted to try the Barry M one or the L’Oréal one. I think I’m going to go for this one! Love your eyeliner x

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  2. Holly says:

    I would always choose a liquid highlighter –
    Benefit high beam is mine at the mo. It came in a gift set so the price wasn’t too bad Barry M looks like it could be good though. I find the liquid ones better if you suffer with dry skin and ut stays on longer. Fab post hun xxx

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    • Hannah Amethyst says:

      I’m tempted to try other brands for liquid highlights as I know now I get on with them! It definitely stays on longer, perfect for warmer weather as well as different skin types! Thank you hun!xo

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