Edinburgh Travel Diary – Day One

On Saturday July 7th I set off to the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. I had never been that far up North, nor had I ever been to Scotland. As we live quite a way down south, it would take us around 6 hours to get to Edinburgh. We decided to get the 6.19am train, that way we arrived in Edinburgh around 12.30pm and we had the rest of the afternoon to explore our new home for the next few days.

We emerged from Edinburgh Waverley Station at lunch time and immediately greeted with an amazing view. There were spires and many beautiful buildings to soak up. Seeing something online is so different to being there in real life. Almost everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to see. The weather was really hot too! I couldn’t believe our luck at how hot it was!

On of the first sights we saw coming out of Waverley Station

As the England game was on at 3, we decided to do a little exploring then check into our hotel and chill out whilst the game was on, before going back out and getting dinner. We walked around the shops and got our bearings before going to our hotel. We stayed at a Hub by Premier Inn as it was fairly cheap, plus pretty much in the city centre.

After chilling out watching the football, we freshened up and headed out for dinner. We decided as we had had such a long day, for dinner we would go to a restaurant we knew we would like, Nando’s. On our way to Nando’s we came across a few things that were on our list to do, as well as discovering things we didn’t realise were there!

One of the many alleyways in the Old Town, this one is called Devil’s Advocate
Scotlands national animal, the Unicorn at St Giles’ Cathedral
Having a lil photoshoot at St Giles’ Cathedral – it was too pretty not to!
St Giles’ Cathedral
Outside The Elephant House – the place where J.K Rowling found inspiration for Hogwarts. It was too busy when we went, so only got photos outside and in the window
We then went back to The Elephant House after dinner and it was much quieter! This is the view from the windows
Greyfriars Bobby – I read this book when I was younger and I didn’t even realise this was here until we stumbled upon it after dinner!
As we wandered I didn’t realise Edinburgh Castle was behind me! Where I’m standing is apparently the best place for a selfie with the castle!

After exploring more than we thought we would see we headed back to our hotel and relaxed before our full day of adventure on Sunday!

I loved arriving in Edinburgh and exploring the sights and seeing what Edinburgh has to offer. I’ll be posting Edinburgh Day 2 soon! Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!


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