Soap & Glory Archery Voluboost Gel | Review

Hi everyone! I realised that here on my blog I have never talked about brow products, other than mentioning the Soap & Glory crayon and pencil that I love to use. Like most girls makeup is a personal thing and tailored to specific things we like to do for our own makeup. For brows I don’t do a super defined brow, just fill in the sparse areas for an everyday look and make it slightly more defined when I’m doing a full face of makeup.

My brows are thick and so I don’t like to make them look to over done or anything like that. So I tend to just lightly fill in any sparse areas and I’m good to go. However sometimes I either don’t have time do put effort into my brows or sometimes I just can’t be bothered. And this is where this gel comes in. Once again, I took the longest time in jumping the band wagon of coloured brow gel. Once again, why didn’t I try it sooner?!


The Soap & Glory Voluboost Gel is described on as:

Create non-stop-gorgeous brows with our water-resistant ARCHERY™ VOLU-BOOST. With orchid extract to volumise and condition, plus Groom-Fix™ for 12-hour staying power.

Brush on – with short strokes – to build, thicken & set your brows in an instant.

I have the shade Talk of the Brown, for £10 the tube is very small. I did expect it to be bigger for a tenner, especially from a drug store brand. But I picked this up as I like the brow gel on the end of the Archery Brow Crayon.

I really like this brow gel, I find that it matches my brows well as doesn’t look weird like I thought coloured brow gel might. As you can see from the photo above the gel looks like a mi-tone brown and I thought compared to my dark brown brows it might be obvious that it doesn’t match. But it completely blends in with my brows! I mainly use this gel for lazy makeup days. I literally brush this through my brows and I’m done, brows locked in place. It adds colour into the sparser areas of my brows and is super quick and easy. It’s fab! In the photos below, the left is with no brow product and the right is just using the brow gel to fill in my brows.

I can’t describe how it dries down, it’s not rock solid on my brows but it’s also not soft. It’s more in-between, which I like. I think this little tube is fab and perfect for either lazy days or setting brows after filling them in for a little more colour. It comes in really handy – especially when I’m in a rush! The only downside in my opinion is that the tube is quite small for £10, I would want more product, but so far it has lasted me a few months as I don’t use it everyday.

Thank you so much for reading! What is your fave brow product? Until next time!


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