My Fave Face Brushes!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well this Wednesday! I adore makeup it’s no secret.  Yet here on my blog I have never really mentioned any makeup brushes. I feel like no matter what makeup is in your collection, good brushes are important. Brushes can really enhance a makeup application. So here are all of my fave face brushes to use;


Spectrum A00
This is a really dense face brush and is perfect for applying setting powders. It picks up a lot of product, so I prefer to use this for powders and not loose powders. it picks up a good amount of product and makes setting concealers/foundations super easy and super quick!

Spectrum C03
This is another good face brush, it’s tapered at the end. I like to use this brush for translucent powders or loose powders as it doesn’t pick up too much to cause flash back.

Spectrum C02 / Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Contour Brush
These are both contour brushes. I couldn’t pick just one as I like the Real Techniques one for my everyday makeup when I don’t want my contour as strong as when I’m going out, which is when I would use the Spectrum C02 as it is a straight and dense.


Spectrum A10
This is a small fan brush and it is perfect for highlighting the cheekbones. It doesn’t pick up too much product and applies the product really prettily.

Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush
Other than using a beauty sponge this is a go to for me. It blends in the concealer super quick and doesn’t leave any brush marks.

Seventeen Eyes Brush
Whilst this is sold as an eye brush I think it is the perfect brush for highlighting the inner eye corner, the brow bone and on the nose. It’s small, rounded and just does a fab job.

As you can tell, Spectrum are my favourite makeup brush brand. I don’t know what it is but they are amazing! Plus they are cruelty free and super pretty! I will be doing a fave eye brushes soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Thank you so much for reading, what is your favourite face brush?


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9 thoughts on “My Fave Face Brushes!

  1. Kerry Wilshire says:

    These brushes are lovely, especially the Spectrum ones. I haven’t tried them yet but definitely need to get some ordered!

    Have you tried the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush?! I have the mini version and love it for concealer and foundation!

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