My Birthday 2018!

As a winter baby usually I get pretty cold weather around my birthday, and on a few occasions even snow! This year I decided to go to venture out of the usual places I have been to in recent years and go to Cardiff. I went there last summer with my Mum after not going there for years. So decided to go back for my birthday, so my Mum, Dad and I hopped onto the train and off into the sunshine (literally).

In Cardiff the weather was lush, if it wasn’t for the chilling wind it could have been mistaken for a Spring day. We mainly spent the day in St Davids shopping centre and around it. I love spending time with my parents, plus St Davids has quite a few shops that aren’t in my home town so it was nice to peruse. My birthday landed on a Friday so it wasn’t too busy in the shopping centre or on the train. I loved spending time in Cardiff and it had better weather than back home!

Taking over a double decker carousel in Cardiff (aka encouraging my Dad to be my blog photographer)

When we got home in the evening we went out for a meal and I felt so happy. Whilst I was apprehensive to turn another year older and feeling like I should have my life together (more on that in a future post!) I loved spending time with my family.

Unfortunately on Saturday I had to work as my contract had recently changed and they wouldn’t let me take the day off. But it was alright, as I work in retail customers can be pretty grotty but thankfully I didn’t get any! No one could ruin my birthday!

Sunday was the day I was off to Brighton with a friend. I love Brighton and this would be the first time I would be staying over night rather than do it all in one day. With a few hiccups Sunday morning we were off mid-morning and I was so excited. The weather forecast was sunshine so everything was crossed in hope it would stay that way.

The Pavilion

When we arrived at lunch time the weather was gorgeous, we walked around Churchill Shopping Centre and around the outskirts of The Lanes. I had it on my to do list in Brighton to find the Pavilion as the last time I went I forgot about it. However instead of needing a map to find it we accidentally found it as we roamed the streets! It was a beautiful building and would have been better if it wasn’t surrounded by fencing! We wandered down to the pier, however as it was late afternoon the wind was picking up and it was quite cold on the pier.

After exploring we went back to the hotel to change for dinner and my friend had booked a table at a restaurant as a surprise. Leading the way  to Jamie’s Italian! Each time I’ve been to Brighton I’ve never managed to get a table as it’s always been packed with a long wait list to be seated, so I was excited to be finally trying his menu (Italian food is my fave)! As it was a Sunday it wasn’t too busy in there and we managed to get a private booth by the chefs rather than sit on a table with couples either side of us.

My makeup for the surprise dinner!

I ordered a veggie tagliatelle bolognese and it was the best vegetarian meal I have ever eaten! It was so delicious that I didn’t want it to all be gone, I could go back and eat it all again. The only thing that could have made Jamie’s Italian even better was to serve profiteroles, what Italian restaurant doesn’t have profiteroles on the desert menu?! After dinner we then wandered through The Lanes and back to our hotel by walking along the seafront. Our hotel was on the seafront and had a balcony, I felt quite fancy.

Sunday rolled along and I had wanted to watch the sun rise but I forgot to set my alarm. However my normal weekday alarm goes off at 7:15 so I jumped out of bed, don’t think I’ve ever got out of bed so quickly on a Monday! I stepped out on the balcony to see the sun rise, which was a few minutes after 7:15, however we couldn’t quite see the sun from our balcony. Only the beautiful pinks in the morning sky.


After our early morning rise, we got ready for the day. As it was our last day we wanted it to last as long as possible. We wandered through The Lanes with the shops now open we had ice cream from Boho Gelato and later a cronut from Dum Dums, the Yum Yum cronut is so delicious! We also drove into Hove, which we didn’t realise was literally a 5 minute drive out of Brighton! Serves us right for not Googling it sooner! So we parked up again and walked along the pebbly beach and had some lunch. The weather again was so nice and it wasn’t too windy, only a gentle breeze every now and then! It was quite warm and sitting on the pebbles wasn’t cold. After of course a mini photo shoot on the seafront was required!

We continued walking down past the beach huts, we wandered almost back to the i360 before turning back again. I wasn’t ready to go home when we got back to the car, neither of us were, so we drove along the coast for a little while and exploring different parts of Sussex that way.


Eventually of course we had to head home. This is probably one of my favourite birthdays, I felt so happy and carefree. I loved exploring different cities, and of course treating myself to a few goodies (would be rude not to) and spending time with my loved ones.

I got some lush presents and had an amazing birthday! On the drive home from Brighton I was thinking of how far I have come and the person I am now, compared to a few years ago and who I could be in a few years time. I haven’t had a panic attack in a while, I can’t even remember the last time I had one. I feel more confident in myself and where I am going in life. Which is more than I can say for my mental health 6 months ago.

Whilst I may not want to admit I’m becoming an adult (boo!) I am for the most part enjoying the journey that is my life, somethings are difficult and others a joy. I am going to continue pursuing my dreams and aspirations, who knows where the next year will take me.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!


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    Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a really wonderful time and I’m glad to hear your mental health is improving. I always feel like I should have my life more together but everyone has different stories and timelines. We’ll get there when we get there and your blog is so beautiful – definitely something to be so proud of! Xx

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