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A treat I bought myself this festive season, because I totally deserve more makeup presents to myself from myself, was the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid Lipstick Set. I bought these as I had never tried a liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and this gift set was the perfect opportunity to try their formula as well as a few shades!


I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks and have tried a few high end and drug store formulas. I have wanted to try the ABH ones for a while now and this was the perfect chance! For 3 mini shades is £26 and a single shade is £20, I purchased this from Cult Beauty. fullsizeoutput_3e5

Described on as:

Get yourself (or a lucky recipient) more than mistletoe-ready with this gorgeous trio of liquid lipsticks. The perfect present this festive season, Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Liquid Lips Kit features three travel-friendly liquid lipsticks, boasting a comfortable matte formula, full coverage and a beautifully pigmented finish. The colours are classically feminine and basically irresistible – there’s rich, slightly rusted red ‘Dazed’, plus two fresh new shades for the season: deep cocoa meets mauve ‘Bittersweet’ and stunning dusky rose crossed with peach ‘Hudson’. As each comes with a rounded applicator for effortless precision, lining and filling lips perfectly couldn’t be much easier.


The first shade I picked to wear was Bittersweet, which in the packaging looks more of a reddy brown. However when I applied it I was surprised it was more of a brown than anything. Usually I wouldn’t go for a brown lipstick. I never though it would suit me. But after trying Bittersweet I really liked it!


Next up I tried Hudson which I thought was more of a nude shade. But when applied it was more a light brown, again I wouldn’t usually go for! When I applied it I wasn’t sure that I liked it, I went out wearing it anyway. By the end of the night I liked it more but still wasn’t sure it suited me. So I wore it again a few days later for a few hours and liked it more. It definitely isn’t a shade I’d go for without having bought this gift set. Nonetheless I enjoy wearing the shade and getting out of my comfort zone!


Lastly out if the trio is Dazed, in the bottle it looks like a raspberry pinky/red. However when applied on the lips it’s darker than I expected, but nonetheless a beautiful colour.

The formula of all 3 shades was consistent and all the same! They applied really well, they dry down fairly quickly, but are easy to wipe off if a mistake is made. When eating or drinking the smallest amount comes off the inner part of the lips. The liquid lipsticks are easy to reapply after eating/drinking and don’t dry out the lips or make them look cakey after!


With flash, from top to bottom: Dazed, Bittersweet and Hudson. And yes I accidentally smudged Hudson with my jumper as I was waiting got the shades to dry!


Without flash, from top to bottom: Dazed, Bittersweet and Hudson

.As a liquid lipsticks they are the most comfortable I have tried. They feel slightly drying, but not an uncomfortable drying or like your lips are drier than the desert. They make my lips feel super soft and I feel like I’m not even wearing a liquid lipstick!

Overall I love these liquid lipsticks, they are my fave formulas I have tried so far! I can also safely say I don’t have anything like Bittersweet or Hudson! I am definitely needing more shades in my collection! Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!


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