Things I Do To Help Deal With Anxiety

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the run up to Christmas! It actually snowed where I live, which it hasn’t done in years!  Today I wanted to go over a few things that I do to help me when I’m feeling anxious. Every now and then I do a post on how I’m feeling/dealing with my mental health. Which I usually write as I am feeling anxious. So I thought I would write a post on how I actually deal with feeling anxious and not just those thoughts during the time of feeling it.

Listen to music
There is nothing better than putting on my headphones, putting on some upbeat tunes and blocking out the rest of the world. I love listening to music, I pretty much listen to most genres. My fave for when I’m feeling down is dance/rap music. Anything with a good beat and I can mime the words to! It helps me to relax and not feel so uptight.

  1. Writing down how I’m feeling
    For me getting my thoughts down on paper is the easiest way to help get out of feeling anxious. It helps get everything that’s circling round my mind out. I write everything I’m feeling down, re-read it and make sense of my thoughts so I’m not trying to think about 10 different things at once.
  2. Going for a walk
    Other than writing things down, going for a walk really helps to clear my head. I either go for a walk with or without my headphones on. I find walking really helps clear my mind whether it be just walking around where I live, or venturing out to a woodland.
  3. Writing a blog post
    This sort of counts as writing it down, but this is a condensed more specific type of writing how I’m feeling. I usually write these blog posts as I’m feeling the emotions and try and direct them in a more positive direction.
  4. Count something
    If I am at work and I feel anxious or the beginning of a panic attack, as I work in a shop, I can’t really just walk out of the department I’m in. So to help control it and make me feel less like I’m about to have the worst shift, I like to count things. Whether it be my steps or certain items in the department I’m in. I also take some till paper and twizzle it so my hands have to something do.

And those are the things I like to do to help feel less anxious. I don’t do all of them, just the one I feel like doing at the time. If I’m at work or out in public with friends it’s a lot harder as I can’t just whip out my headphones. But I take each day as it comes and constantly improving my mental health.

Thank you for reading and if you have any tips for dealing with mental health please share in the comments below! Until next time!


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  1. grace&beautylifestyle says:

    These are all such great ideas! I totally agree about listening to music it helps me calm down and just block out the rest of the world. Also writing my feelings or writing a new blog post, I’ve definitely done both before.

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