Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack | Review

Recently Soap & Glory launched new face masks and I for one love to try out new face masks and skincare. Recently I have been really into skincare and I was excited to try this range out. When I picked up these under eye patches I was super excited as I hadn’t seen under eye patches here in the UK, I’m sure shops sell them I’ve just never seen them.


I first tried the Puffy Eye Attack Super Hydrating Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches one evening when I was feeling tired and my skin needed some TLC. So I popped on these patches and let them do their magic! For the first few minutes they stung a little, but it soon passed. They felt very comfortable and refreshing under my eyes.

I actually ended up leaving Puffy Eye Attack on for 40 minutes rather than the recommended 20-30 minutes. When I took the patches off my under eyes didn’t feel that hydrated, even after I had patted in the remains of the gel. However they did feel super smooth and when I woke up they didn’t seem to be puffy.

Puffy Eye Attack is described to ‘Refreshes & revitalises tired puffy eyes‘ and to ‘Help reduce the appearance of under-eye puff and make tired eyes look brighter and more awake‘. Usually in the morning my eyes are more puffy, so they didn’t really do anything in I noticed with regards to combating puffiness.


The next time I tried the eye masks was after a late night out and my under eyes need some hydration.  They didn’t irritate my under eyes and it felt very refreshing when I was wearing them. This time I left them masks on for 25 minutes and when I took them off I didn’t notice any immediate hydrating effect but my under eyes felt more refreshed and revitalised. When I woke up the next morning my eyes looked refreshed.

All in all for £3.50 these are perfect for a pamper night, even to wear when doing your eye make before a night out to give them that extra hydration. They are super easy to wear round the house, and don’t scare anyone or fall off when walking round the house like sheet masks. I really enjoy using these eye patches and for a skincare treat every now and then you can’t go wrong for £3.50, especially when Soap & Glory are often on offer!

What are you favourite skin care treats? Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!


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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      I think for a little under eye tlc every now and then they’re good, plus they’re affordable too!


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