Trying Out New Rimmel Products

I’ve never done a post on trying out multiple products from one brand. Recently I was sent some new eye products to try out from Rimmel* and thought it would be the perfect time to try out a different style post. I was sent the Wonder Wing Eyeliner, Wonder’Fully Real Mascara and the Magnif’Eyes Eye Contouring Palette.


Staring off with the Wonder Wing Eyeliner, I love a good winged eyeliner and for me I find with the right eyeliner it can be accomplished fairly easily. I’ve never used a product that specifically has a flat edge for creating a wing. I was apprehensive at first to try it but it was so easy to use and a wing can be achieved in seconds. Just press the flat edge where you want your wing and voi la, you’re wing is complete. Just use the fine point at the end of the pen to finish the lining the lid off! The pen it’s self is very light to hold. This is a perfect product for anyone who struggles to do winged liner or is just starting out with makeup!
The only downsides to this eyeliner is that it’s not a very pigmented black, I had to go over the entire wing a few times to achieve the blackness I wanted. I also found it rubs away very easily, so if you accidentally touch your eye and winged liner then it’s smudged and ruined! After a few hours wear I found that the liner had transferred onto my lid (as I have slightly hooded eyes) which I have never found a liquid eyeliner to do!


Next is the Magnif’Eyes Eye Contouring Palette, I have the Nude Edition of this palette, which is right up my street. Whilst I probably won’t use the double ended brush it comes with, many warm toned and cool toned looks can be created with this palette. The packaging is very simple and small enough for travelling. It’s described as ‘Highlight, shade and contour for the perfect day to night look’. The top photo is all the swatches, they were super easy to swatch and all only one finger swipe on my arm. The only shades that don’t really show up on me are the first shade and third shade down.


The first look I did with the palette (also using the Wonder Wing Eyeliner and Wonder’Fully Real Mascara) , I used the dark brown shade in the crease and a mixture of the 6th and 7th shade down all over the lid. With the last shade in the outer corner of the lid. I found the dark brown shade to swatch how you’d expect but when it came to applying it on the eyes it’s a lot more cool toned that I’d anticipated. The shimmers weren’t the most pigmented, for this look I didn’t enhance the shimmer with any spray.


For this everyday look I used the second shade (champagne gold) and the fourth and fifth shades all over the lid and the second from last shade just in the outer corner. All the shades I’ve used are easy to build up the pigmentation and easy to blend out. The only downside is that there is no transition shade for the crease, but it’s not a be all and end all as I have other shades I can use from other palettes.


Lastly is the Wonder’Fully Real Mascara, which I had hoped to like. It has a plastic wand and it slightly tapered towards the end. The packaging is bright, the mascara itself is described as ‘apply to lashes for stunning length and gorgeous volume‘.  I’ve not tried a mascara with nylon fibres in before and was looking forward to trying this out. However this mascara is not for me. I find by applying it with an extremely light had I can achieve separated lashes and slight length. However the formula is quite wet and for my lashes it made them go super clumpy and extremely black where they’d clumped together. Even when applying how I’d normally apply my mascara, which is light handed and I just wiggle the brush upwards.
I also found not even 5 minutes of wearing the mascara both my eyes would start to become weepy and not stop for a while. I’ve tried to wear this mascara a few times and each time my eyes have become weepy.

Overall I have enjoyed trying out these new Rimmel products, it was different to try out a brand I’d not normally purchase from (as I prefer to use cruelty free brands). Out of the 3 products I prefer the palette as the shades are rI hope you guys have enjoyed this styled post, where I review multiple products from more than one brand. Would you like to see more of this style posts, and if so what brands would you like to see me testing and reviewing? Thank you so much for reading!

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*I received these items free from Influsenster complimentary of Rimmel for testing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    Your eyes are so beautiful! Great post, it’s always nice to hear about new products. I’d love to see what the tip of that eyeliner looks like! Sounds interesting!

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