Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette | Review

As I love using the Solstice highlighting palette from Sleek, I thought I’d give their Precious Metals palette a go too. After swatching the palette in Boots, the shades looked so pretty and different to what I had in my collection, it came home with me.


This is what the palette looks on the inside, I’ve never used the brush that comes with the palette.

In the picture above the left is in natural day light and the left is with flash on so you can really see how the swatches come off in different lighting. From top to bottom: Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold and Antique Bronze.

For £9.99 Precious Metals is made up of 3 cream highlighting shades and one powder. From the finger swatches above the shades look gorgeous and so pretty on the skin! Especially the white (Platinum) and light gold shade (Renaissance Gold).

From top left to right: Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold and Antique Bronze. However I find when applying the creams onto my cheekbones, they don’t appeal to me. I find they are all quite glittery and transfer off easily, even when setting with a powder on top. As for the gold powder shade it’s too dark for my skin tone, so I don’t use it.  The swatches above are all applied with my finger as I find using a brush really doesn’t pick up any of the product and no matter how much I try to blend these highlighters out, they just look worse on my skin and highlight any texture/pores.

Overall I don’t reach for this highlighting palette, I much prefer the Solstice palette! It’s become one of those products where I keep ‘just in case’ for a makeup look. When in reality I have highlighters I can achieve the same effect with. I really wanted to like using these cream highlighters but they are too glittery for my liking.

Thank you so much for reading! What’s your favourite drugstore highlighter? Mine is by far the Sleek Solstice palette!

Until next time!


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  1. notyouraveragegirlygirl says:

    I haven’t tried Sleek products before, but have always heard great things about the brand. I also haven’t ever tried cream highlighters before as I feel it will just make my skin look more oily than it already is. I don’t like highlighters that are glittery, so thank you for sharing!

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