L’Oréal Colorista Washout | Review

Ever since the trend of purple/blue/pink etc  hair colour has become more accessible, I have always wanted to try them. But what’s always put me off is hearing of hair horror stories, that the hair dye left their hair green or didn’t wash out properly and left a weird colour. So when L’Oréal came out with a range of shades that wash out after a few washes I was instantly drawn to them.

Not going to lie I did put off buy a shade because I wanted to see what the reviews online would be. And they aren’t the best reviews on Boots.com so I was a little put off.


My hair is bleached ombré on the bottom half. So pieces are blonder than others but over all it’s a warm bleached blonde. I eventually thought YOLO as I was looking at the shade range in my local Boots and picked up the Purple shade.  On the box the models hair looks gorgeous, I was hoping it would be a similar result on my own hair. It says on the box its a Pastel shade which is suitable for blonde, ombré or highlighted hair, lasting for 5-10 washes.

So on a Sunday afternoon I put an old towel around my shoulders and started to dye my hair. It does say on the instructions to simply part your hair in two and then apply the dye. However as I have quite thick hair I sectioned my hair off and applied the dye that way. After all the dye was applied I waited the maximum 20 minutes before washing my hair.

Now on the instructions it says you don’t need to condition the hair when washing, but it doesn’t mention about shampooing. So when all the hair dye residue had come out I shampooed my hair and even more hair dye came out.


As you can see hardly any purple took to my hair. I think this is down to shampooing my hair. I was annoyed that it didn’t take to my hair or look anything like the models hair. So as I had about half the tube left I decided to do it again after a few days. This time I took my time when applying the dye, really massaging the product into my hair. However as I was on the last section of hair at the top I ran out of hair dye, which was slightly annoying. But I squeezed the very last out of the bottle and got a little dye there! I also left it in my hair for about 25 minutes, which I didn’t mean to do! When I washed out the residue I didn’t shampoo my hair after.

This time the hair dye took to my hair much better, but still didn’t cover all of it. It was more vibrant in some places then others. Overall I was much happier with this application.


Each time I washed my hair more hair dye would wash away after shampooing. Leaving the shade less vibrant revealing more blondness.

For £6.99 per box and 80ml of product inside, at first I wasn’t too impressed with this purple hair dye. It didn’t look anything like the model on the box after the first impression. After applying a second layer the colour was much more vibrant and closer to the image on the box. It washed out pretty quickly within 3 washes after the second application. However whilst most of the purple has washed out of my blonde locks after two weeks, there was still some purple hues left at the front of my hair. It really bothered me because no matter how much I shampooed it, the purple never seemed to wash out completely.

Now after over a month and a half after initially applying the purple dye it has finally all washed out. I’m on the fence about trying other shades like the blue or pink as their reviews aren’t good at all and I don’t particularly fancy having oddly dyed hair  again! As for my hair now, it has been left a more ashy blonde.

Thank you so much for reading, what crazy hair colour have you tried/want to try? Until next time!


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14 thoughts on “L’Oréal Colorista Washout | Review

  1. makeupcloudblog says:

    I have very bleached hair and have tried a few different shades in this range, I found the lilac one you used really disappointing, it left my hair very dull. The pastel blue one left my hair with a weird mint green tint that just wouldn’t go-I even emailed L’Oréal! In the end I had to bleach bath it! The Bleach London dyes are the best ones, although they wash out quickly they do produce nice colours!!!

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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      I am so put off from trying any others from the L’Oreal range! I was never sure of Bleach London, might have to look into them to try more colours!

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  2. emilyxonline says:

    I’ve had A LOT of different colored hair!

    Red x3
    Black x4
    Ombré (brown and blonde)
    Burgundy red

    I’m surprised my hair stayed on my head throughout my teenage years!

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  3. grace&beautylifestyle says:

    Love the review… I was wondering how well the colour worked! Also, I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award on my page… Check it out if you’re interested 🙂

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  4. Stephanie Grace says:

    I thought these were such a cool idea but I know they’ll never work for me and my dark hair, have you tried Bleach London? They are a similar price I think and are supposed to be amazing! Since restarting my blog again you’ve constantly been on my radar and I love your blog so much so I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my latest post to see all the questions xo

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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      No I haven’t tried Bleach London, a few people have said the same! Thank you so much!xx


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