Lime Crime Matte Velvetines | Review

I heard about Lime Crime a few  years ago, but of course living in the England meant it was not an easy brand to get my hands on. However after discovering the wonders of Beauty Bay and realising they stocked Lime Crime last year, it was soon added to my Wishlist. At the time I couldn’t really justify spending £15 on one liquid lipstick. A few months later the stars alined and Beauty Bay had a discount on Lime Crime taking them down to £10 or so. I couldn’t resist the temptation and so I placed an order!
I ended up ordering 4 and keeping 2 as the other shades I wasn’t a fan of in real life. I ended up keeping True Love and Red Velvet.

Described on Cult Beauty:
Pioneering the matte liquid lipstick obsession, Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines lend lips a stunning, suede finish. Intensely pigmented and packed with skin-nourishing extracts, the French vanilla-infused formula feels comfortable and won’t leave your lips feeling dry.


I love the packaging, the liquid lipsticks come in the classic frosted tube with roses on the cap.  The Matte Velvetines have a sweet smell, but for me it’s not a deal breaker. I find I like liquid lipsticks  more if they have nice scent, plus once it’s on the lips it’s not noticeable.

The formula on both Red Velvet and True love is amazing. It applies creamy onto the lips and dries down fairly quickly to a a beautiful matte finish.  I find they don’t dry my lips out like other formulas can after wearing them on a night out. Red Velvet and True Love don’t bleed out and can be used without a lipliner. The pictures below are both without using any lipliner just the Velvetines.

Red Velvet is a true red and perfect for any occasion!

True Love is a vibrant pinky red and is perfect for the Spring and Summer!

The only downsides to these gorgeous matte liquid lipsticks, is that I found after eating I only had to go over the inner corners of the mouth. After going over a little part of my lip it would then be brighter than the rest of my lips. It made my lips feel really dry and really uncomfortable. So I find it best to wipe it all off and applying a fresh coat all over after eating a meal. The only other downside to the Velvetines is the price. Lime Crime is no longer sold on Beauty Bay.  On Cult beauty they are £16, ASOS for £15, on for £14.95 and on for £15.99 all plus shipping.

If you want to see both in action check out my March Favourites and if you’d like to see True Love you can see it in my Valentines Day Glam! I definitely have more on my Wishlist like Polly, Saint and Cupid! Plus Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free brand! Thank you so much for reading, what are your favourite liquid lipsticks?

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24 thoughts on “Lime Crime Matte Velvetines | Review

  1. Patience says:

    They look amazing. I tried bleached and faded and I really loved them :-) 🙂

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  2. whenlifehappens says:

    I have “wicked” myself but I don’t like the smell of it 😦 it’s so intense. And for me, the formula is a bit too light (I have to apply multiple layers, which sometimes gives an uneven result). But the color is so pretty that I just deal with the downsides haha.
    The colors you picked suit you!

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  3. katiamatcha says:

    Those are so pretty on you! I love the Velvetines, though they kind of crumble on the inner corner after eating/drinking and it looks like I have some wild lipliner on. What were the other two colours you didn’t like? Have you tried Beauty Bakerie? They’ve been the best formula I’ve tried by far!

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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      Thank you! I find that the longer they are on my lips before I eat/drink they don’t flake off much. I don’t remember the other shades I ordered but I thought they looked different to what I expected. I’ve heard of Beauty Bakerie but I have yet to try anything from them! Might have to give them a go, what shades do you have?


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