The Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner Review

Hi everyone, today I am back with a review of the Shadow Switch. I had seen the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner* on my social media and as intrigued by it. I wasn’t convinced a dry sponge could really take off eyeshadow from a brush to then use a different shadow using the same brush. So when I received this in the post I immediately put it to the test!

The solution to switching from one colour shadow to another – using the same brush!

  • Removes make up from your brushes quickly and effectively
  • Eliminates the need to switch brushes to use a different colour make up powders!
  • Prevents makeup powders transferring when using the same brush
  • The quickest, most hygeinic and reliable way to preserve your makeup brushes

Description from Amazon and outer packaging.

I used a black shadow on my brush before pressing it into the tin and rotating it clockwise, as instructed on the packaging. Low and behold most of the product had come off! However I did use a cheap brush and found it made my brush shed bristles, and when using my Spectrum brushes they didn’t shed when using the Shadow Switch.

For £5.99 from Amazon it’s a unique product which is perfect for anyone who uses eyeshadow brushes daily. They do recommend on the packaging with regular use it can wear off the sponge and to replace the sponge every 2 months for hygiene reasons.

I still clean my brushes weekly, even if I do use the Shadow Switch, to keep my brushes clean and hygienic. Overall I do like this little brush cleaner, it has come it super handy when I want to change colour I’m using but want to use the same brush. Plus if you don’t own many brushes it means you can really make the most of the ones you have when creating looks and not have to worry about being limited.

Thank you so much for reading, until next time!


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* This product was sent to me for review, but thoughts and opinions are my own

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