Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit Review

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I am back today with a review of the Define & Conquer Contour Kit from Seventeen. I have been using the Define & Conquer Contour Kit* for a good few months now and I have been enjoying using it. It has a darker shade to define the face and a lighter shade to illuminate the face.

The packaging is super simple in a small black compact, which is quite sturdy. With the two shades side by side along with a mirror. The mirror is as big as the compact, which I love as it’s super handy when travelling.

For £5.99 both pans are a decent size, and even though it doesn’t look like it I have been using both shades for months now and there’s hardly a dent in them. Saying that not long after I took these photo’s I hit pan on the lighter shade!

The darker shade is used to define the face and the lighter shade is used to illuminate the face. For me the darker powder definitely defines my face when contouring and blends out nicely without making me look like I have a muddy/orange streak along my cheek. Whereas the lighter shade doesn’t illuminate my skin as it’s described. It matches my skin tone and I use it to set concealer. It’s not the best setting powder but for work I don’t mind.

Overall I like this contour kit, I much prefer the darker shade to the lighter shade. As for repurchasing I think I would try other brands instead.

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* This product was sent to me for review, but thoughts and opinions are my own


14 thoughts on “Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit Review

  1. Claire Talks Beauty says:

    The packaging is so similar to the Nars contour kit! I have heard great things about this brand. Too bad that it is not available in Canada!

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  2. rosetintedpics says:

    I’ve always wanted to try this but the seventeen network seems to be down at the moment and I haven’t heard anything back from the emails I sent them lately so I guess I will just have to go out and get it myself! Lovely post as always 💗💗

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