No 7 & The Body Shop Advent Calendar Review

With Christmas Day this weekend it means only a handful of days left of advent calendar opening! Boo! This year I had two advent calendars, one from No 7 and the other from The Body Shop. I’ve never had a beauty advent calendar or two advent calendars in one year, so at the beginning of December I was looking forward to see what hid inside! Now that most of the doors have been opened here is my review of  both calendars!

In the picture above are just some of the goodies I got from both calendars.

Starting with The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar (which actually has 25 goodies inside), I bought this on Black Friday. I had actually gone in for skincare and ended up leaving with another advent calendar! I was looking forward to trying different products from The Body Shop as it has become one of my favourite shops for skincare. The packaging was pretty with a bow on the front with individual boxes for each day. However I’m not a fan of this advent calendar. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. There has been multiple body lotions and body washes, lip balms, brushes, tweezers, makeup remover an eyelash curler and a loofah just to name a few. I enjoy using The Body Shop products and I would have liked this calendar more if there was more of a variety of products such as makeup or skincare.

My other advent calendar was one from No 7 which my parents bought for me as my Mum has one too! I love the gold packaging, it looked really luxurious and I was looking forward to trying new products! It opens up like a book and each product is packaged like a traditional calendar behind a door. Some products I’ve received so far are eyelash curlers, brushes, eye shadows, nail polishes, lipstick, makeup remover, mascara, lip balm, hand cream and body wash and body lotion. I love the variety of this calendar! I am able to try a lot of No 7 products and really get to try the brand, which I haven’t really done.

Overall I definitely preferred the No 7 advent calendar to The Body Shop advent calendar. The No 7 one had more of a variety of products, which for me I have enjoyed using different things I wouldn’t have necessarily bought for myself. Maybe if I had only The Body Shop calendar I would like it more as I wouldn’t have anything to compare it to. However both calendars are good and there are lots of products to try out.  I have loved having a beauty advent calendar this year! I will definitely be purchasing another one (or two!) next year!

What advent calendar did you have this year? Thank you so much for reading, until next time!


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