I am the most un-spontaneous person, I don’t really ever do things that isn’t planned a little bit in advance. Being spontaneous sort of scares me. I’m not really sure why it scares me, it just does. I guess it’s because I always like to plan what I’m doing or have some sort of idea as to what I’m doing with my day. As much as I love to do new things and break out of my comfort zone, being spontaneous is something that I rarely ever exercise. However yesterday was the exception.

It started off that on Friday night I had a dream that Tom and I were in Brighton watching the sun set, looking around the shops and exploring. When I woke up I text Tom telling him about the dream I had. Then after a little while we discussed what we wanted to do with the day and jokingly I said go to Brighton like in my dream. We then text back and forth and Tom said about going to Brighton for real. Before I replied to him I had a mini argument with myself in my head.

On the one hand I would love to go to Brighton, I was thinking of going for my birthday next year and it was somewhere I had wanted to visit for a while. On the other hand being this spontaneous scared me, I didn’t want to not go and was on the fence. But I couldn’t say no to going to Brighton. I wanted to be spontaneous and be adventurous.

We didn’t leave until before lunch and it took us an hour longer than it should have as there was a delay on the M25. So we didn’t get into Brighton and park until the afternoon. It did bother me a little that we arrived later but I was still super excited to be there. To be somewhere I had wanted to visit was weird. I never thought that I would have visited Brighton so soon.

We had a really lush afternoon. We walked along the pebbly beach, explored The Lanes, had ice cream from Boho Gelato and walked along Brighton Pier. We also stumbled across The Snowman and The Snowdog statues of the Snowdog around Brighton, and the one above is my favourite that we saw. The weather was good too it wasn’t windy and didn’t really get cold until later in the evening. I really loved exploring somewhere new!

There were so many shops and little lanes to explore, I refrained from just looking in the makeup shops as I wanted to explore rather than shop. Overall I loved this last minute decision! It was such a good mini trip and I am so glad I agreed to go! Below are some photos from our day out!


Being spontaneous isn’t always something I always incorporate in my everyday life. But randomly going to Brighton was something I didn’t think I would do this year. It made me realise that I don’t have to wait to do things in life. Why should I wait!? If I can do something sooner then why not? Life is about the experiences and things we do and achieve.

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait for my next spontaneous adventure!


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  1. nataliecharmaine says:

    I can relate so much to this post. I hate not having a plan for the day, it makes me anxious. The idea of visiting new places really excited me though so I’m stuck in the middle haha. Great post Hun xx

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