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For the longest time I have been wanting a new storage system for my makeup. I’ve watched YouTube videos from my favourite beauty gurus on how they store their collection. I have scoured the internet for ways to store make up and looking at different storage systems. As a beauty lover a beauty bag simply wouldn’t cut it as it’s not big enough, I already had one over flowing as well as a draw full!


I originally looked at the Danielle Creations online at Boots, I ordered the medium 2 draw and medium organiser as well as the large organiser to compare the sizes. When it arrived I was so excited, however when I unpacked the box I knew the 2 draw would be too small as well as the organiser. They wouldn’t fit enough of my make up in. So I kept the large organiser (£11.99) and fit as much of my everyday make up and favourites as I could. I then scoured the internet try to find a cheap large 3 draw system. I wasn’t keen on ordering from Amazon or eBay as one of my Boots storages arrived broken and that came from within the UK, so anything out of the UK was a no.


I ended up finding a large 3 draw storage box from John Lewis for £20 which is a bargain as the one from boots cost £5 more and hadn’t been in stock for weeks. So I ordered it as well as a £3.50 pen pot for my brushes. As they are all clear acrylic they match, which means if I ever need to buy any more it won’t be hard to find anything to match.


I’m obsessed with how chic it looks and how everything I need I am able to see. For a total of £35.49 for the whole lot, I think is pretty good. The only downside is I can’t fit all my lip products in so for now they live in a makeup bag. Or my false lashes. But that’s okay, I’ve put my favourite lip products at the moment in the top organiser which I can switch up every now and then.

Thank you for reading this post! I love my new storage system and it’s easy to add more storage to it! Meaning more makeup for me! Yay!


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