Beauty Bay & Boots Haul April 2016!

Hello again everyone! After a little online shopping at Beauty Bay and Boots I thought I would show you the goodies I picked up!

I’ll start with my Beauty Bay order, now I’ve been eyeing up the Make Up Geek eye shadows for quite some time. I wasn’t sure which shades to get, there are just so many to chose from! In the end I chose 3, two mattes and a shimmer. The Make Up Geek packaging is so chic and cute, I almost didn’t want to throw it away!


The first shade I chose was ‘Frappé’ as I’ve been looking for a mid tone brown that isn’t too orange and not too muddy. After looking at online swatches I decided to give it a try and in real life it’s a beautiful mid brown perfect for blending out colours or to put in the crease.

Next I picked up ‘Shimma Shimma’ which is a beautiful nude shimmer, perfect for highlighting the inner eye corner or brow bone.

And the last of the Make Up Geek shadows is ‘Fairytale. I’ve been on the hunt for  a lilac/mid tone purple and in my local drug store it’s impossible! So again, after looking at swatches of ‘Fairytale’ online I decided to give it a try. Against my hazel eyes it goes hand in hand. I can’t wait to create a look using this eye shadow! Plus purple is my favourite colour, so it’s a win win!

Now as the Make Up Geek shadows come in little pans I needed somewhere to keep them so I ordered a small Z Palette, which can fit 9 of the eye shadows in.The palette is perfect for travelling. The Make Up Geek pans are magnetic so they stick to the palette with ease and are easily changeable/moveable. However if you want to depot any of you shadows/blushers/bronzers it give you a guide as to how to remove them and magnets to stick to the bottom of the pan.


My last purchase from Beauty Bay was a last minute decision, I’ve seen a lot of beauty guru’s talking about how good the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is. For some reason I always assumed it would be super expensive, but after realising Beauty Bay sold it and seeing it wasn’t a crazy amount, at only £12.50 I decided to try it. I’ve used this so far for a few nights since I had it and my blemishes and spots are definitely on their way out!

Next up is the Boots haul, I got all these goodies online, the main reason for this order was because I want to try more NYX products as I love their lip creams so much! The first thing I wanted to try was the NYX white liquid liner, I know NYX have just launched the vivid brights collection, but for me an easy colour to incorporate is white and I feel I could easily pull off a few designs. Maybe if I get along well with this liner I’ll get a more daring colour!
I also got the  HD Studio Finishing Powder, it had some great reviews. Plus I’ve been looking for a new setting powder as the one I’ve got is okay, but I wanted to try another one.

I look forward to trying out all these products and reviewing them and using them in future tutorials! Thanks for reading!


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